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Sonicstage no longer plays WAV files/don't transfer...?

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You can import the mp3's you have directly in SS and convert them while tranferring to (Hi)MD, you don't need to convert them to WAV.

Some VBR MP3's are not converted well by SS and that's the reason I convert VBR MP3's to WMA-lossless 44.100 hz 24 bits, I use MediaMonkey to convert this MP3's to WMA-lossless. This way the tags of the MP3's are kept when importing the WMA's in SS.

After succesful transfers I throw away the WMA's and the optimized (OMA) files and keep the original MP3's (and back-up them).

I use MediaMonkey as my main musiclibrary (>10.000 tracks) and I import only the files I want to transfer to Hi-MD in SS, after that I empty SS and the optimized files directory. This works well for me.

English is not my native language, so there will be some errors in this text.

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Are you sure Mp3:s are converted in SS? I believe 2nd generation Hi-MD play MP3, while 1st generation (as I have) don't, and SS doesn't convert...


I may remember this incorrectly, it was a few years ago I started with converting to WAV, could be because of the problem vith VBR.

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Look in Sonicstage Help, you can find a lot of info.


Click for example on File>Import>Scan Folder>Settings to see which files you can import in SS: WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC and of course Atrac.

In the Help you can find the following message:

  • Playback and conversion to OpenMG Audio format of imported MP3 (and WMA) files is only guaranteed for files with a constant bit rate (CBR).

When transferring to Hi-MD, Net MD or Atrac Audio device you choose the settings to convert.

You can also see and change the settings by clicking: Tools>Options>Transfer>Hi-MD (or MD)>Transfer Settings.

There are two possibilities:

  • Standard transfer mode in combination with the Advanced button to choose the settings when conversion is required
  • Specified bit rate transfer mode, here you choose the Atrac3 or Atrac 3 plus bitrate SS must use when transferring the track

The resulting files of the conversion are saved in the Optimized Files directory, you can also choose to let SS delete the files after the conversion.


Look in the Help of SS for a lot more information.

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While it doesn't work doing like in the SS help files - the program can't see that I have a Gen1 device and tries to transfer the MP3 files even if I have configured to always transfer to Atrac3/Atrac3+ - there is a way around that. I import the MP3 files, then mark all the files in SS and select Convert from the menu. Then delete (move) the MP3 files and SS decides to transfer the converted files instead...

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