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Import from RH-1 to SS 4.3 "resets" several times during transfer

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Apologies if this is somewhere in the forum, I tried a few searches but came up empty.


I am a longtime MD user, I have been recording live shows using my MD-R50 since the late 90's.  


I have recently (finally!!) picked up a used MD-RH1 to transfer my recordings to the PC.


I am using the SS 4.3 Ultimate install from this site, along with the NETMD760 drivers from this site.  PC is Windows 7 Pro 64bit.


I want to make sure this RH1 is working correctly before I leave feedback for the seller.


In Sonic Stage, when I import a large audio file (whole disk = one track) the import percentage "resets" to zero part way through the transfer and starts counting up again.  I've done one disc transfer 2 times and both times if I add up the percentages where it stops (41 + 41 + 18) they add up to 100% so it seems like a "normal" thing?  Never having used it before though, I want to make sure it is before I just start ignoring it.


Thanks in advance for all the work that has gone into this forum and the software/driver maintenance!!!


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Yup. That amount of data corresponds to some 16 bit counter. Will be more or less than 41% with different data rates. Everything completely normal. As they say in the US military S.N.A.F.U. In the words of Winnie The Pooh (actually Wol) "crustimony proseedcake".

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