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Repair of MZ-E10?

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Hi everyone, I'm new here and stumbled on this forum as someone else had recently posted another topic about e10's but it was a little light on details. the search function at the top didn't like me searchign for "e10" or mz-e10" so appologies if there's another thread about this.


I know many of you here have fixed them before. I realize it's also very difficult. I have 3 mz-e10's at the moment and have taken them apart MANY times and actually have one working unit! It works great!

I got into minidiscs actually recently, I just like them for some reason, I guess I'm strange.


what I'd like to do is to try my best to get one of the other 2 units working. Both units seem to charge and give me the 60 min or so countdown, but then both display ERROR on the remote's lcd. swapping batteries or mechanicals doesn't seem to help. from what I've read, the fact that the display says "error" means the mainboards aren't dead and there's hope, but it doesn't really tell me what to do to fix them.


I do surface mount soldering so I'm not afraid of a soldering iron, though these boards do look very difficult to get at.


any tips?



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No a tip at all but i know these boards die because they arent protected that well in the unit.

There should be bad soldering spots for exapmple when the unit wot power up. You should look into SM to know about the fault.

There´s stored memory codes for the failures.


All my E10 i ever had , and there were by 3 , were all defect and unrepairable for myself.

Not any good news i know.. sorry for that ;-)

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Any help at all is appreciated punkrockaddict. Thanks!


what do you mean by looking into "SM"? I'm not sure what that means but if there's some way I can force it to give me an error code rather than just "error" that would be great.

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