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Sony Walkman 1060 Album Art

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Hello All

Since updating our PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 we notice that Album Art does not transfer from PC to our Sony Walkman1060, though it may have nothing to do with the update to W10.

We load the CD to Music using Windows Media, then drag and drop the CD from Music onto Roxio Creator and from there convert to 320 kbs high quality MP3, then usual practice would be to drag and drop the MP3 file into the Walkman Music Folder.

We have tried Syncing the Walkman from Windows Media, but that too did not carry over the Album Art.

We understand the Album Art is embedded into each song on the CD.

Is there another way to copy Album Art for a CD onto the Walkman 1060.

Thank You



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I'm almost sure that the Album Art is not on the CD. Some process gets it from the internet. Most likely your new browser in W10 doesn't like the request it is receiving from SonicStage, to go and find that art.

Not sure what you do about it, other than check logs and see if somehow SS is being blocked by your browser.

I know - try a different browser. Make sure that everything works with THAT browser under the old system. It may be that SS was wired to Internet ExploDer, and in this case I fear you are out of luck.

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Hello sfbp

Thank You for your response.

When we load a CD to the PC Windows Media rips it to Music Folder.

When we open Music Folder and locate the CD and select and begin a drag movement the Folder shows the Album Art.

So the Album Art is in there whether downloaded from the CD or the Net.

However, when we use either Windows Media, Roxio Creator NXT Audio, or Sonic Stage, to transfer the CD to our Walkman 1060 in a reduced file format the Album Art is lost.

We do note that if we transfer without compression or file reduction the Artwork transfers successfully.

Thanks for all ideas





SonyWalkman (2).jpg

SonyWalkman (5).jpg

SonyWalkman (7).jpg

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Sorry - did not realise you were talking about recent software. I read too quickly and assumed you were referring to the older Sonic Stage which is what we give support for here. In any event the process by which the Album art is located is mysterious to me, and you should contact Sony support.

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Best kbs when syncing from Windows 10 Windows Media and transfer of Album Art

Connect Sony Walkman or other to PC

Open Windows Media

Select Sync or next device to Sync at top right

Select Sync drop down menu at top right

Select Walkman or other device

Select Settings

Select Walkman or other device

Select quality

Select quality level automatically (recommended)

Select OK

Windows Media will remember your selected device and automatically sync to the best possible kbs

With todays mass storage devices this is likely to be 320 kbs wma, the best possible.

If the alternative quality setting Select Maximum Quality is selected kbs will be 192 kbs wma.

Album art will automatically transferred.



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