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MD SD suddenly not detected in MZ-RH1

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So i recorded from TOSLINK using JA50ES. It had some 3 tracks. One from CD and 2 from Computer.

The first track i recorded using sony SACD to JA50ES using TOSLINK. The other 2 tracks from analog. The minidisc was playing fine in my portable MZ-RH1 also

Then a few days later i recorded more, but this time all from CDS using TOSLINK from sony SACD player SCD-XA5400ES to JA50ES.

Now JS50ES shows 7 tracks, but MZ-RH1 now detects as HI-MD blank disc !!! why ??  disc is SP using ATRAC1 4.5.








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The reason it's saying Hi-MD is because you have undoubtedly set the DISC MODE to HiMD. This doesn't matter for playback and (mainly) concerns what style of disk is formatted when you put a blank disk in and try to record.

Clearly what's happening is that the RH1 sees the disk as blank. So if you can turn off the other deck completely (unplug from the wall) and the disk IS readable by that unit on power-up, then the disk being written by the JA50ES is bad. Means the alignment is out.

IF the disk really is blank, (on re-power-up or in yet another deck) then you have the rather sad news that your overwrite head is blown.

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