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7700MDX Car Stereo Hacking

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Thought this might be useful info for anyone who likes to run MD decks in their car.  

I have a WX-7700MDX MD/CD 2DIN unit which is quite possibly the coolest looking stereo ever made.  It had a reputation when new for being exceptionally great, and with its original cost of about a thousand dollars, it needed to be.  In my experience it totally is.  The 4 x 52W output is crystal clear and it handles 10-20kHz, which blows away any cheap modern deck.  And it only cost me about $50 out of Japan.  

But my Honda CR-V has steering wheel controls that I wanted to keep using, and the signalling system (a simple set of resistors) wasn't compatible with the Sony, which used infra-red input (specifically, Sony's weird HiR system).  And so the point of this post:

I hacked up an RM-XS6 Rotary Commander steering-mounted remote, and wired it up to my Honda's stock controls, and click here to see the details.



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