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Minidisc and new cars

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Hello all!

I use a Sony MZ-M200 to listen to my minidisc and I'm buying  a new car.

My future Peugeot 5008 (2017 model) include, like all new cars, a computer which include autoradio with touchscreen AND control vehicle functions like AC or ESP.

So basically today it's nearly impossible to include a deck that we choose.


My question is, how to include a minidisc player there? I tryed today with my 2014 Peugeot 308 (who got nearly the same deck) and my MD is not recognized by USB (worth to try), and work only with AUX jack. But with AUX jack, we don't control the music. Can't change song, pause or anything else.

Is there an existing workaround that fixes this problem? Using the headset remote and connecting AUX jack to it works but is a bit dangerous when driving :(


Thanks from south of France !

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The only real solution for those of us who have vast libraries of ATRAC and don't want to convert to the markedly inferior MP3, is to get a (Japanese domestic market only) player that does Bluetooth and ATRAC. The NW-F887 is the ticket.

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