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Lots of remotes, which one is best??

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I was just going through some of my MD stuff and I have 5 different types of remotes. The different types of remotes I have are RM-MC38EL, RM-MC11EL, RM-MZ1T, RM-MC21, and (3) RM-MZ4R. I know the RM-MZ1T goes with my MZ-G750 for the FM/AM radio. I have a few different units, too and I don't remember what remotes go with which units so I have some questions that I hope someone out here can answer.


1. How compatible are any of these remotes with other units?


2. Is there a remote that seems to work good on almost any unit?


3. I was debating on selling a couple of these since I have more than I need. Which one(s) should I keep? (Obviously I will be keeping the RM-MZ1T for MZ-G750)


4. What other units will the RM-MZ1T work with? I tried it on all my non Hi-MD units and it doesn't seem to work on any of them. (MZ-N505, MZ- N707, MZ-R700)


5. Will the RM-MZ1T work on any Hi-MD units?



Any answers/guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your knowledge on this issue.

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After (or before) a life test with all MD units power on, you can also check the "browser" of minidisc.org and use <Ctrl F> for each remote name. I believe that somewhere deep in this forum there are some topics about those remotes.

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