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Write protect switch

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I bought a second hand mds-je510 but can't record on it, it says disc is write protected but it's not I've checked the tab, so after check the unit I can see the write protect switch is faulty is there anywhere I can get a replacement switch

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Hi Colin,


When you say "faulty" how have you determined this? Is the "pin" broken off? (Usually you will be able to see a short blue and a short white pin, one being the write protect detect and the other being the MD-MO/MD-CD detect - based on pits in the MD disc case).

Realistically we've found the most practical way to solve all drive issues, is to swap the drive from a donor machine - if you're sure the switch is not repairable (i.e. not just sticky/dirty). It's unlikely you'll find a replacement part - it's not a standard off-the-shelf part unfortunately.



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