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NW- HD5 error

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Downloaded and installed as per instructions no problem using winamp 5.35

I can transfer files no problem but can not play them back. I get "NO DATA BASE FOUND" and then if i scroll through all the menus once and end back at "Artist" list, the artists come up.but when I play the song I get another error "CANNOT PLAY TRACK ERROR".

However when its connected to Winamp I can see these files in sony walkman under portables and play them with no problem

Is HD5 a " protected player" if so what do I need to do as the FAq is not too clear

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I can still revert back to SS4.0 which works ok for file transfer and playing.

The problem is with the plug in for winamp.

The files transfer ok to the player and but will not play back on the HD5, but will play bakc ok through winamp.

Again i ask is this one of the potected players?

If so what do i need to do?

I have noticed another request fro same problem that went unaswered, so i am nor alone !!

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I have the same problem. just started out fresh yesterday on my NW-HD5, formatted it yesterday.

Everything done by the FAQ Crated the files needed and everything. I can transfer song to my player

but can't play them on the player. It does work peferctly fine to play the tracks via Winamp

(using latest verision 5.53).

Does anyone know what the problem could be?



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I "think" I found the problem with the NO DATABASE error

I discovered that the database is written correctly when the device has 175 or less songs, once the .OMA file name reaches 100000b0.OMA, the database is not written correctly.

I also noticed that after 254 files SonicStage creates a new folder for the .OMA files; 10F01

I hope this helps with the problem resolution, so far I am adding at most 175 songs to my NW-E005F walkman, I suggest you do the same thing.

Is there any support for playlists in my device?


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