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  1. Tometal: If you are unhappy with GYM or ML_Sony, here's your change: Download their source code and start working! bahhahaha!
  2. Again, sony players are full of "hiss"
  3. Stuge, I think that this time you found the sony hdd players hiss Remember that previous thread. Check when that hiss is listenable, with the device playing and volume in the minimum. Then try to pause the device, and you'll shall hear no hiss.
  4. Ok... by deleting some files (don't ask me what) and transfering some data to the device using MP3FM i was able to put my current library in the hd5 running with sonic stage 4.0. I had to retransfer all my atrac files to the device. Now everything working. What a messy upgrade...
  5. Hey people! I managed to get a workaround to this situation. The OMGAUDIO files and directories that I had were somewhat different that the one that Sonicstage (SS) 4.0 generates. What I did was to remane my existing OMGAUDIO to OMGAUDIO_ (creating a backup) And then started SS. The device now appeared correctly and I transfered some tracks to it, in no problem. After that I closed SS and went to the newly created OMGAUDIO and found out some new files... (That I did never seen during GYM development): SRCIDLST.BAK SRCIDLST.DAT and a new directory (with nothing inside): 30GRCT So I went back to my OMGAUDIO_ (the backed up) and copied those two files into it and created the 30GRCT directory. I deleted OMGAUDIO (the one created by sonicstage), and renamed OMGAUDIO_ back to OMGAUDIO. Started SS and not it works Come on... why don't they include some upgrading capabilities in the software. Hope this method works for other people. EDIT: I fu**ed up all my music now, the player says SYSTEM FILE ERROR ... this doens't work
  6. I have the same problem... but see what happened 1. SonicStage 3.4 worked fine with my hd5. 2. Installed SonicStage 4.0 and it gave my that error message. 3. I didn't format the disc or anything, simply closed the program and... 4. Uninstalled Sonicstage 4.0 5. Installed Sonicstage 3.4 again 6. Now 3.4 also gives me the same error. WHAT ABOUT THAT !? Solution: I gave up and closed everything. Whatever!
  7. Windows XP is nice for tagging mp3s
  8. what does CP means ? Connect Player ?
  9. It's a cheap european city car Renault Clio first generation, 1.1 liter, 45 horse power!
  10. Another problem that I usually face into is having spaces after the genre / album / artist.... For instance "Hard Rock" is different than "Hard Rock " If you are using windows xp you can tag multiple mp3 files at the same time, normalizing the tags.
  11. The installation in my car: Headunit: Pioneer P6800 Front speakers: Kenwood P503 (2 way components) Rear speakers: Alpine Tweeters (speakers connected to the headunit amplifier) Mp3 player: NW-HD5 red in the homemade car stand! Trunk: Amplifier: Lightning Audio Bolt 2x50 Watts RMS, 1x150 Watts RMS Subwoofer: Sony 10" 250 RMS. Subwoofer box home-made: 20 liter. Some pictures: Headunit and mp3 player: Front speakers: Back tweeters Amplifier and subwoofer on trunk: All this was homemade stuff, installed with my own hands
  12. xispe

    Bug report

    Hey otiasj! With my current database in the player, your plugin simply crashes winamp when I try to open the device... I have an NW-HD5 with both MP3FileManager and GYM installed. It happens when I select the <Drive>Network Walkman item in the left tree of the Media Library. No error message is shown, winamp simply closes. Attached you can zip file with my big index file (04CNTINF.zip). I beleive that there might be something unsual with it, and that you are not predicting all the cases.
  13. Hey JSP! I have a remote like that one, It is currently in my car! I would trade it in with a remote with LCD (R90/R900/NH1). How about that ?
  14. Looks nice JSP! Good work! Mine is a little smaller, but the hd5 is also smaller than the vaio pocket, and allows vertical orientation of the screen. One problem with your stand is that you can't turn the player to your self to control it. But I got the idea, you want the stand to place the vaio in I have to take some pictures of the my stand mounted on my car. Cheers!
  15. You want to claim warranty because scratches caused by your keys. ... nice. You can try a hammer, or you can send your player to me (I don't care about having it scratched)
  16. xispe


    Well, I tried it out on my hd5!! Few notes from now: - The bitrate information in the player is incorrect. Transfered VBR mp3s and shows 128kbps - The time information of the tracks is incorrect (happens on VBR tracks). Seems that total time is always bigger that the track size. - I cannot play tracks transfered tracks in winamp, says "Unable to render the file". (I have atrac plugin installed) - On the player the lists are not ordered (at least the Albums and Artists list) Just for fun I tried my GYM with the database created from your plugin, and guess what ? -> It doesn't work lol You messed out my GYM Probably something not expected in the file format. One thing that would be ultimately cool: I see that you are dealing well with the player indexes for albums, artists and stuff. I got little into them and managed to know how the thing worked. My idea is to provide a little more power to the genre browser in the player: on the player we have the following sequence when browsing by genre: Genre --> Artist --> Album and sometimes, in compilation albuns, i would like to select All Artists, not a specific artist... (Ipod does this, but walkmans don't). I am imagining if you could create a dummy artist named "(All Artists)" and link it to all the albums of that genre! What do you think about this ? It would be really useful for me. I can do that with GYM and with your plugin, but with the player don't One word for the developer: It seems that you are fully commited to develop this plugin, that is great. Someone will be able to continue and enhance my work on GYM, as I don't have much time for it. Good luck and thank you!
  17. JSP62: How was your trip to the hardware store ?
  18. You have my full support otiasj. Hope you find the information I sent you useful. I will try your plugin now
  19. I use homemade stuff! http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1296
  20. Thank you for trying GYM. Sorry it didn't worked out...
  21. all your music is backed up in your player. Simply rename the folder "OMGAUDIO backup" to "OMGAUDIO". All your music will be back. Thanks.
  22. Thanks for the thesis reminder JSP62! lol Yes, GYM needs further developments... Unfortunately, there is no time for that on my side...
  23. yes, I know. It's a pain to save a compilation album, with various artists In the current version it is not possible to specify how the output folder is generated.
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