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  1. i was asking couple of months ago about the best mini disk for (most) professional recording for music ... (i am an opera singer) that time i decided to buy something else. but now i need it again. so is Sony MZ-RH1 Hi-MD Recorder is still the best one or that in these days there is some new thing ? i probably buy it through the the internet coz i am originaly from israel and i don't know if they have it in here, so if you know some safe with high credibility and safe delivery i would appreciate if you will write that also. thanks a lotttttt!!!! the other time you were great...guys.. so thanks again have a great day! sarit
  2. hello! my name is sarit and i am an opera singer. my friend is going to NYC on that tuesday and i want him to buy me minidisk for my concerts as a microphone ... so for the minidisk i got an answers from the guys in the minidisk forum - means go for the MZ RH1 for the mic - i am thinking about making myself a homly studio with my computer(buy myself a audio frive and start working on my stuff that are in the most vocaly staff (accapela in 4 voices ecc) so i think i need either good mic to plug to th minidisk - now - if i want it to go with the computer - should i think about 2 different staff ????? i don't really have enough knowledge about those staff .... in the case i will be advised to go for 2 different staff i might go for a cheap microphone for the minidisk (not more than around 100$ ) some really nice guy on the other forum gave me something to think of like - Nady CM-25, http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Nad...-Mic?sku=275558 i will appreciate it very much if you can give me a quick reply- my friend is leaving soon and i need to give him the money as soon as possibile thanks a lot ....)))) sarit forgot - this is my msn messanger - saritupatitu@hotmail.com 2. if you have a good idea for me - where can i buy it in NCY (cheap place ?)
  3. thanks again for you detailed answers!!! it is a great forum with great people - must say! about the mic (let's say we ahev resolved the minidisk thing - i'll go for the RH1) i am planning to make mayself a simple audio laboratorio at home - with audio drive and all to make some stuff in my computer - like record myself in 4 voices ecc. so my thought was - if i am going for a microphone built for a singing - than i will get something that can stay with me and for a long term and will give maybe a good results also recording through the computer - so what i am thinking of is on microphone that will plug in a good way either to the minidisk as to the computer .... don't know if something like this exist (yeh! of course - i just don't understand like nothing about it ) my freind is leaving on this tuesday and i have to give him all the money by tomorrow - so i will be happy if you have a fast way to help me with that - if not - i will have to give up for the mic and spend it in my home country (pay much much more which is a shame:)) the minidisk he will get me for sure... plus - if i am spending like 300 $ for the minidisk i will want something not very expensive - let's say max 300 $ for the mic (better to find something less, but as i got it this stuff are expensive) especially when i do a lot with vocal stuff like accapella opera stuff ecc. i know it is a lot of stuff to choose from - but hey, i am trying:)
  4. great!!! i was asking someone who got some answers from you guys about the same matter, he said that the raccomandation was to - MZ - MH700 but - if you say that MZ RH1 is absolutely the best - i will take your word for it. and about mic - which forum should i try ? thanks alot by the way!!!! and i will send something i sung. thanks
  5. HELLO ! my name is sarit and i'm an opera singer. a friend of mine is going to NYC and i want him to buy me a suitable minidisc for my needs - means i want a very high quality of recording for my live concerts (usualy voice and piano) plus - i would ask also for a suitable microphone adapted for singing... about the amount of money i am willing to spend - i would like to go more for the quality than for a good price. in short - if you can help me with finding the best quality record mini disk that i can purchase.... my e mail / msn messanger is saritupatitu@hotmail.com thank you very much. my friend is leaving in a few days so i need to get going with a decision ))) thanks a lot!!!!
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