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  1. Sorry, I didn't get you suggestion right, can you please explain how do I search. Thank you Muru
  2. Yeah I waited, the moment I remove the Net MD from the cradle and start playing I get this blank disc message
  3. Hi, I just joined the forum to get some help on the weird problem I'm facing with SonicStage V4.3. 1) I tried transfering some music files from my PC/Laptop to Net MD 2) Files are getting transffered 3) After transferring, I disconnect my Net MD from the PC (removing the net MD from the cradle) 4) When I want to play the music I recorded Net MD displays "Blank disc". Any idea, how I can over come this problem. I also lost some songs I have recorded using OpenMG Juke Box. I have Sony Net MD MZ-N1. Windows XP OS Thank you. Muru
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