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  1. Many thanks for your reply which is very interesting. My tired ears certainly cannot tell the difference between the sound of PCM and Hi-SP, definitely food for thought. In fact I have been using a Skytronics stereo tie clip mic for recording gigs - cost £15 from Amazon which gives superb sound - every bit as good as recordings made with Shoeps (more cries of flame!!).
  2. Yes you are right, I forgot to mention that I am in the UK! I know that classic MD blanks can be used as Hi-MD discs, but only provide 20 minutes on PCM setting, which is no good for recording live gigs
  3. I need a couple of Hi-MD blanks - can anyone help please? One of mine has developed an obsession for putting track markers every couple of minutes, and formatting has not cured this. I know my RH1 is OK as the other Hi-MD disc I have records as it should do.
  4. My Windows 7 PC has been reading both PCM and SP discs transferring the files from my Sony RH1, together with MD discs recorded on my MZ-90. When connecting my RH1 containing an MD recorded disc yesterday, a box appeared in Sonic Stage inviting me to download an updated driver, which I did. After that My PC was not reading MD discs. I have now reread all of this thread and was able to reinstall the netMD760 driver - all is now well! The trick is to look at "Other Devices". in Device Manager for the yellow exclamation mark icon, right click that and then "update driver" which it will find on your PC. Once installed, NetMD will appear in USB Controllers and disappear from "Other Devices". Presumably the netMD760 driver became corrupted on my PC.
  5. The default transfer speed seems to be 64kbps which I changed to the highest of 352 (?) kbps although the transfer didn't seem to be any faster. Edit by admin: This setting has nothing to do with transfer speed.
  6. I get an error message when opening 4.3 Ultimate - same as I got with 3.4 - Selected music content cannot be played back because the system information has been changed Also tells me to start the System information tool, which seems to fail as the next message box is blank but has a large yellow exclamation mark.
  7. I have been trying to use Sonic Stage 3.4 (which came with my RH1) in Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium. I installed the driver update and ran in administrator mode, but it keeps telling me to verify the database (??) In frustration I am using my old XP computer to transfer RH1 recordings to Sonic Stage. Should I be using a newer version of Sonic Stage with the driver update in order to transfer music from RH1 to 64bit Windows 7 based system please?
  8. Yes indeed, I wasn't looking forward to an expensive repair job!!
  9. I thought about this and connected my RH1 to SonicStage, and the Hi-MD disc was read and played. I disconnected by closing SonicStage and clicking the Safely Remove Hardware green arrow - bottom right of PC screen. The Hi-MD disc now played in the RH1 so problem solved!!
  10. My MZ-RH1 will no longer read the 2 Hi-MD discs I have. It will read non Hi-MD discs. Is this a problem with the unit or should I buy new HI-MD discs?
  11. Richard Thompson Band 24/9/84 at the Half Moon Putney in London!
  12. As the proud owner of an MZ-RH1, I wondered if you could clear up a couple of matters relating to this machine before I buy one. Is it possible to adjust the record level during recording, without having to put it in pause/record as is necessary with my old MZ-R90? I have read that it is possible, but the manual is not clear on this. The other point is this - I understand that when recording in PCM-WAV format, it can be saved to a 1GB data MD and then uploaded to a PC via the USB connection. Have I understood this correctly Many thanks
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