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  1. Hi, I'm in need of 1GB HI-MD blanks.. I record a lot of shows.. and I am just about empty. Need blanks.. new or used.. it doesn't matter. If you have any you'd like to sell, trade or donate.. please email me. Thanks, J nameloc01@yahoo.com
  2. I have a super clean RH910 Im looking to trade..(or sell I suppose) I was looking to get a 16gb (minimum) Ipod in trade. I do not have the charger for the deck, but I will include an extra (new) battery or two along with the carrying bag. anyone interested, please contact me via email,here is my email addy: nameloc01@yahoo.com thanks jason I can send photos of the deck if needed.
  3. hey man, I really appreciate that offer,but Im gonna be wrapped up today (sat)and C-bus may be a little too far to do and then go the same day to Detroit. Really apppreciate it though. thanks jason
  4. Hi well, on a last minute change of plans I am attending the Roger Waters "The Wall" performance this coming Sunday outside of Detroit,Michigan (Auburn Hills). I had been out of blanks for awhile now, and was planning on ordering some, but didnt do so in time to get them before this show on Sunday. I basically need 2 blanks.. I really do not want to record over something in my archive. I live in Cleveland...between tonight and Sunday, I will be in the Mansfield (OH) area, Toledo and the lower Michigan-greater Detroit area... so if any of you guys are anywhere close to these places and would be willing to sell me a few blanks or know anywhere I could stop and grab a few i would greatly appreciate it.. please post any info here or email me.. nameloc01@yahoo.com thanks jason
  5. ^ If you're into the ABB, I pulled a really good one of Dickey at the HOB here in Cleveland, and like you said, no electronic sharing. So, if you want a copy let me know and I'll drop one in the mail for you. -jason
  6. besides Ebay obviously, anyone have any good leads as where to find factory pressed MD albums?
  7. is this a package deal?? if not what would you want for the 1gb blanks?
  8. has any TOOL ever been issued on MD? thanks jason
  9. putting these items up for sale, or possible trade if you have something of interest: -One pair(2) Audio technica 8532 phantom power modules. These are for powering any of Audio Technica miniature microphones that are terminated with mini-xlr connectors. The boxes provide the highest possible SPL (sound pressure level) handling, they have a switchable "roll-off" feature, and each has a removable beltclip on the back. Each box runs on a 9v battery, OR can be used as a phantom adaptor when running power from a mixing board or a preamp that is providing phantom power. Also included will be the dual xlr> right angle mini plug cable, that transitions each boxes output into a single male mini plug, which then would go into your recorders input jack. The boxes are in pristine condition and work perfectly, they retailed for well over $300.00 ( for the pair) and I had the cable custom made which ran around $50.00 ( cable is 4' in length and has a Nuetrik right angle male mini plug) -asking $150.00 for both boxes and the cable *email for photos -1 Denecke AD-20 microphone preamplifier and 20 bit digital>analog converter. Does not provide power to the microphones, is used in line to boost the signal of the microphones and convert to a digital signal. This item, while not in "pristine" condition, is very close and works perfecty. Also included with this is (2) digital optical cables, which again, would go into the "optical in" on your recorder. This unit retails for $300.00 and the cables are about $10.00 or so each. -asking $175.00 for the preamp and both cables. *email for photos basically, if youre into "field recording" all you would need would be a set of microphones and you'd be in business making some nice recordings. if there is interest in all the items at once (as a package) I may come down (slightly) on the price, but not too much as the prices are extremely low as is, and I'm looking to move these fast to finance another hobby of mine. feel free to email me with any questions, and I will entertain a trade, if you have something of interest (another HI-MD deck, blanks,or related gear) jason nameloc01@yahoo.com
  10. how many "tapers" do we have here? and have any of you guys happen to ever record TOOL? lettme know... thanks jason looking for new and uncirculated sources for the archive. thanks.
  11. nameloc01

    HI-MD discs

    i usually order from www.tapewarehouse.com
  12. Yes..I do usually use the dry battery dock. But I was just looking to get a backup power source to have for those special occasions..something like this: http://www.digital-camera-battery.net/universal-battery.htm Looks like it would work..
  13. I'm sure I could have something built..but I'm looking to see if there's anything I could just order as is without wasting too much time.. A rechargeable battery pack with a 3V output..preferably without a cheapo changeable tip/plug setup Basically I just want an external battery pack to plug into my deck(s) when doing long periods of recording. Any ideas? Thanks Jason
  14. I typically keep at least 30 1gb blanks in "stock" at all times..I think I'm going to order some more here soon. I usually order from Tapewarehouse www.tapewarehouse.com , however I will occasionally go to Guitar Center and buy whatever they have in stock, this is great because they will match TapeWarehouses price per disc ($2+) and I don't have the shipping that I would if I ordered them (which is like getting 2 blanks free)
  15. I just bought my second M-100 yesterday, so makes 3 decks for me (have an RH910 too) I continually buy blanks, even times when I'm not doing a lot of taping..so I have quite a surplus. I completely plan on using my HI-MD decks until all of the decks are worn out or I can't get blanks anymore....whichever comes first. But I don't think either are gonna even for a long,long time.
  16. I would think it would probably be fair to expect something around 100-125.00 worth of stuff in trade. I dunno...I think it was almost 300.00 new. I wasn't looking to try to "stick it" to anyone...just thought with all of the other MD guys here, someone would have a deck they'd be interested in trading. I was kinda looking for a used (obviously) M100 or something similar (illuminated display being paramount) which I believe generally go for a similar price. Its bugging me having this dvd burner just sitting here doing absolutely nothing. Its actually a really cool unit for recording televison broadcasts (concerts,documentaries,ect) and transferring VHS tapes to dvd. Thanks -J
  17. I have a Magnavox MVR640 stand-alone dvd burner that I do not need. I've had it for 2 or 3 years and probably have only burned between 30-40 dvds on it. It is like new, with the exception of a couple small blemishes on the top aluminum casing, from having it in my stack of components. The unit allows a signal from any video source to be burned on a dvd+r..(camcorder,televison,camera,vcr,another dvd player,anything) it also will allow varying lengths of record time per disc. I have never had problems with it of any kind whatsoever...I just basically have no interest in video. I have the remote and manual, but not the original box. So, I am offering it up for trade for any (in good condition) HI-MD deck with an illuminated display or even a decent set of mics that I can use as "back-up" to my primary set of ATs. Hell....I'd entertain any offer that would involve any type of taping related gear that I could use. Any questions or offers can be sent to me at nameloc01@yahoo.com or if you have a "Blackberry" nameloc01 (my blackberry IM addy) Like I said, its a completely solid unit. I just have absolutely no need for it. -jason
  18. Tape Warehouse www.tapewarehouse.com 1-800-659-8273 I'm sure most of you guys already know about this place, but I thought I'd put it up anyhow. Good price on 1gb blanks
  19. Willing to sell the M-100 separately? I am actively looking for another one. Jason Nameloc01@yahoo.com
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