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  1. I used to use AVG before the trial ran out (or it just stopped working...I can't remember..), and I didn't want to kill my ratio on OiNK to get it (at the time, it was very, very low.)
  2. Heh. I meant that there was no luck with I uplugged the USB Hub from my computer and let the Minidisc Player be the only thing connected. Sorry for my vague-ness. .
  3. No such luck with the USB idea. .
  4. It has external power, so there's no way it still relies on USB 2.0.
  5. -I don't remember it was new or a refurbished model, sorry. It came in a white box without any plastic wrapping, so probably a refurbished model. -A have plenty of USB cables, no difference. . -A USB hub is using the other port. -I've got 5 songs a disc through Real Player, so I'm making progress. -And you know you like to Vogue to the music when nobody is watching, Guitarfxr.
  6. I've had it for a while (just sitting in a box after it failed to work the first time I got it). I got a few months ago.
  7. I've noticed this pattern when transferring music: 01. Lucky Star Tranferring: 95% MD Player says: Saving... MD Player starts to blink the word "Edit." SonicStage finishes and the MD Player says: PC -> MD 02. Borderline Transferring: 38%, then it dissappears from Sonic Stage's transfer list. MD Player says: -- The play has no words telling me what's going on. SonicStage either does nothing or tells me that the song can't be transferred. This happened with a few other tracks as well. It's better than a BSOD, but seriously...what the hell is wrong with thing? .
  8. EDIT. Apparently, there's a huge issue with HP and Minidisc players. I was able to patch my copy of Windows XP Pro, update to Windows XP Pro SP2, and install on that computer as apposed to my laptop. It seems to be working just fine, now. The only issue is that when I tried to transfer eight tracks, a few didn't...
  9. But if Sony doesn't want it to be connected to a USB cable, why was it included?
  10. I don't have an RH1. If there's no way to run a NetMD on a Mac, then does anybody know how to fix this stupid error?
  11. I haven't done any memory upgrades, and there aren't any unknown devices in the Device Manager. I only have one computer with SP2 on it, however I do have a Mac running Mac OS X Tiger. If there isn't any fix on my laptop running XP SP2, could I switch over to Mac? P.S. I found this in another thread that died before there was a solution to the problem: Same Net MD model, HP, XP SP2, however I have 0.99 GB of ram according to my My Computer properties.
  12. I was using the latest version of Sonic Stage from the Sony site. And the BSOD is displayed so quickly that I don't have time to read it. But I got a glimpse of "NOT_EQUAL" at the top of it. The computer restarts without any damage done to my laptop nor to the disc (as the first song I transferred with still play.)
  13. I have a Sony MD Walkman MZ-N420D, and everytime I try to transfer music with the latest version of SonicStage, I can only transfer one song. Scenario: 01 Causing a Commotion Converted: 100% Transferred. 02 Open Your Heart Converted: 100% Transferring... *Blam!* Blue screen of death. I've erased the whole disc and tried again, but nothing doing. Still just one track before crapping out (and I've tried it with other files, too.) I'm using Windows XP Pro 2002 with SP2 installed. Has this happened to anybody else?
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