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  1. You need an MZ-RH1, or an MDLP deck with optical output (no USB is going to work) to your PC (that does not enforce Serial Copy restrictions). MZ-RH1s are expensive, sadly.

    If the disk was MADE by NetMD transfer (as opposed to recorded from a microphone, line in, or optical) then only the deck->optical will work. Even the RH1 will not save you. I would never recommend using analog out if you care about the sound quality - 3.5mm jacks are hopeless in every way, especially if not gold-plated.

    I bet your English is better than my French. I understand yours, but I may end up mis-representing the details because I don't use it routinely. Quand je travaillais en France, on dit "Etienne est comme grand-mère - il dit rien mais il comprend tout".

    And next time, let's have this in the discussion section please :)

  2. Probably better to start a thread in the discussion sections, I almost missed this.

    I would guess this is some side effect of the NetMD driver being misinstalled:

    1. Remove your NetMD unit from the USB
    2. Do a SS install over the top of the one you have. Don't try to deinstall anything (yet)
    3. Clean up and get rid of all traces of the 32-bit NetMD drivers. There are numerous posts on this, but in particular you have to watch out for oem<nn>.inf in the (hidden) WINDOWS\inf subdirectory.

    4. Now plug in the portable (make sure you're on mains power, batteries especially rechargeable ones are useless for NetMD) and go through the installation of the 64-bit driver, if necessary using the Update Driver thing in Device Manager. I assume your version of Windows is 64-bit. If it's 32 bit windows, you have a completely different problem, since the standard drivers should work.

    If this all sounds way too technical (because it is), let's take it back to first principles and get one observation at a time. Your description doesn't make it clear the order of events, and once something has gone wrong, then after that first error all other weirdnesses are likely to be meaningless. What model minidisk are you plugging in? If it's HiMD, maybe you don't even need the NetMD support at all.

    Hope this helps.

  3. You cannot transfer live recordings from N707 to computer using USB. For this you need the MZ-RH1 (also marketed as MZ-M200). So sorry.

    To get recordings TO the N707 you will need the 64-bit Windows NetMD driver. But this will not allow you to go the other direction.

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