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  1. On further reflection, I think we can add the SE9 into the versions of NETMD052 and NETMD760, as it sounds like it is the same generation as the CMT-M333/373NT model. That would at least make SonicStage work - of course we know now that the music recognition function is dead but that's life.

    While we're on that topic, I'm going down to check my CMT-M333NT 's M-Crew still fails with Gracenote.  Last time I tried I am certain I couldn't get it to work. (added:) Right "CDDB setting is not supported on this model".

  2. I'm not so sure there was such a big change. I was able to edit the inf file of the MZ-RH1 driver (NETMD052) and it's still working today. It was written before Vista, I think. (it's just possible from the timelines that Sony targetted the RH1 at Vista, but in 2005 when they would have been working on it, everyone was still on XP).

    What I had not realised, in my haste, was the the SE9 that I posted was not a complete install. Mea culpa. There ought to be a real install disk in English around, as I found the user's manual in English;  so it does seem likely that this was not a Japan-only product.

    Can you send me the M-Crew Japanese install somehow?

    The other thing I know I have is the same version of M-Crew (at least nominally) modified for the M-Crew Server, which I have (had) running. That's probably when I found the SE9 install. Without anything to try it out on, I wrongly assumed that this was an installer.

  3. Ohhhhh you have a deck that DOESN'T play anything except audio CDs. That's over 80% of all the CD players in the world.

    The mp3 play function is either in the specs or it isn't. On top of that there are a zillion different variations on MP3 and some of them simply won't play. The biggest problem is likely to be failure to play variable bitrate MP3s.

  4. There's a version for the SE9. I just posted it here. I hope it works, please let us know.

    Kind regards

    PS note you are stuck with XP pretty much although there was a hint the other day from a Swiss user that px.dll might be the only thing missing when you install some of these earlier software in Windows 7. Better have a 32-bit version of the operating system though.

  5. What about that first picture? See the 5 pins that have had resoldering done on them - is it possible there's a short there (I see some what-looks-like-guck between the 1st and 2nd and also 2nd and 3rd). I've no idea which pin does what (I leave that to the expert detectives) but my assumptions are:

    1. they are something important
    2. someone worked on them before. Was that you, Petter?

  6. I concur about the transparent TDK-RXG disks. Something funny about them, caused them to misbehave in a way that no other MD ever seems to have done. The vast majority of TDK's disks are flawless (and wonderful, especially some of the cutesy patterns they came out with).

  7. Welcome! I am afraid the only 510 I had (my first deck) died this way. I never did fix it so am not a great person to ask. I vaguely recall all sorts of "recipe" solutions. But just remember that when it doesn't spin there are a gazillion reasons contributing. MD is a servo-based system, relying on feedback from the disk as it spins up. Gyula (NGY) probably your best bet. He's in Hungary, not that it makes a difference........

  8. Yes, that is why I commented given your profile says Schaffhausen :)

    Have you tried any other applications that depend on the OMG libraries (eg playing OMA files with Windows Media Player)?

    I have a similar situation with Simple Burner running in Windows 7 (main windows disappears with no error message). I could only get SB to work in XP virtual PC.

    Sadly I think VMs come with their own complications.

    Sonic Stage works perfectly on all versions of Windows, just the NetMD support needs the right driver for 64 bits.

  9. Interesting question: why are you named ZueriHB (sounds like a famous railway station in your native tongue - just guessing)? I ask because I once stayed in the delightful village of Uhwiesen and we *walked* on foot to the Rheinfall mostly on ZH land (they even had little brush-clearers being operated by workmen, clearly labelled and belonging to the Kanton).

    I would get rid of ALL NetMD drivers.

    The complicated procedure is laid out somewhere but you are knowledgeable, patient and persistent, so I will give a quick sketch.

    1. Enable hidden devices (2 System Environment settings from "Advanced" under System properties of the computer, devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices, and devmgr_show_details, both set to 1)
    1a. make sure ALL NetMD drivers are uninstalled, even the hidden ones.
    2. Look in C:\windows\inf (hidden directory) for all oem<nn>.inf (nn usually somewhere between 50 and 100 sometimes on very complicated systems can be over 100 so then <nnn>). Delete anything where the first line or two has the text "NetMD" (maybe "Net MD" I'm too lazy to look at this moment, same as one of the drivers you've installed). Usually it is one of the last few to be added.
    3. Reboot
    4. When NetMD driver (if it does) comes up remember to install the driver package I put together in the downloads section here (it's unsigned so you will have to put W10 in a special mode in order to allow you to install unsigned driver - I'm sure you are capable of that!) for NETMD760

    But hopefully at least SS won't crash.

    If that doesn't work, my personal preference (anyway) is to move the SS library to somewhere else (make a junction link, copy the files there) other than the default which is subject to all sorts of permission and ownership problems; and make the "somewhere else" (eg C:\sonicstagelib) have permissions readable by all. It may be as simple as the crash is from accessing the library in your default location (aha! did you start using a different login recently?).

    Good luck


  10. What (where) are GC and UC? These are apparently new designations of market destinations I have never seen before. Used to E, AEP, US etc....

    Looks like your theory about some markets allowing it might just be accurate.

    BTW with "permit" sounds like SCMS bits (original, copy) are BOTH cleared, like on my Boehringer. Can you confirm this in some way by looking at bit patterns in waveform? (sorry I don't mean to make work just for the sake of it).

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