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  1. On 5/12/2021 at 1:55 PM, kgallen said:

    Sort of. The supplied USB cable was broken, that was easily sorted. Need to install M-Crew on some suitable machine, plus the USB drivers. I did try with our main Win10-64 machine and whilst M-Crew would install and run, it couldn't communicate with the device so I guess the required drivers are missing. I think I'll need to install it all on an old XP laptop to have any hope of it working. Also I note from this page that use with the 770 requires a firmware upgrade. I'm not sure if the PCLK I have is already upgraded or if the required firmware update can be found anywhere. Plugged into the 770 nothing happened, although with a replacement USB lead at least the TOSLINK LED on the PCLK lit up.

    Dunno. Needs some more faffing about with. Any tips and sources for software appreciated!

    You'll definitely need a 32-bit version of Windows. Windows 7 does fine - the problem I had was the old laptop had a 1.1 USB socket and so the whole thing really couldn't keep up with the data, by the time you factor in the old, slow laptop hardware.

    I think a "custom" win7-32 on a tower of some sort might be reliable. My 770 worked fine with MCrew last time I checked.

  2. 1 hour ago, PhilippeC said:

    OMG Sony Insiders is back... What has happened @sfbp Stephen ?

    Still waiting to hear the inside(rs) story........

    We did have a report just before the site went down that it seemed likely all passwords were compromised. IF you use any password here on some other site, you had better change both pretty quickly.

    Nice to see you, too Philippe.


  3. 34 minutes ago, kgallen said:

    Yes it seemed to have an annoyingly short life. MD-wise it seems to appear on the 920 (but not the 520) which would be 1998, lasting though the x30 range and I think the 770 (2001) was the last. Not sure about the 640/940 without downloading the manuals. So maybe 8 or so MD decks? CD decks seemed to just drop it, and MD decks migrated to USB and PC-Link connectivity, rather than deck-deck connectivity.

    Taking issue with this statement. I think that A1(II) and PC-link are essentially identical. (Where's NGY?) When they finally moved to NetMD (USB) that is when the Ctrl-A1 stuff disappeared.

  4. The best way to blank a disk completely is to acquire a portable with a busted OW head, so that at the first attempt to write the disk it is completely "empty". Just be careful that said unit is kept in a locked cupboard so nobody even your can take out and try to use by accident. First time you press Track Mark..... booooom!

  5. sorry you will still need to find a sound card with optical in. I don't *think* that's the case for the Mac. You would need a sound DAW like a MOTU or something similar (half a dozen different manufacturers) to get the S/PDIF signal into the Macbook, unless I've missed something.

    In the PC world a $10 sound card will do the job. Maybe you need to beg, borrow or steal a PC to plug a sound card (Terratec is nice) into the bus.

  6. Read the rest of this thread in detail. Note there is no such thing as MZ-R710, you will have an MZ-N710 which is a completely different beast from the one described in that link in your last post.

    You need:

    a. the service manual (start at page 25 in the NF810 service manual, I can't lay my hands on the 710 but it is the same unit minus the remote radio).
    b. a prerecorded CD (any old one will do)
    c. a blank 74 minute MO, preferably unopened (80 may work just fine but I think the service procedure was designed around  74)

    There IS a procedure where you can trick it back into life by UNresetting the parameters, but I wouldn't recommend it unless absolutely desperate. I'm not publishing it here. If you can figure it out well enough to get it right you are half way to doing the Full Monty alignment anyway.

    If and when the "servo alignment" doesn't work then you have to go back to first principles starting with the hardware and basic functionality. I am starting from the premise that someone did a "911 Reset" (curious name) that led to the situation you are now in.

  7. Welcome.

    1. NW-HD5 doesn't speak VHF or native USB) and the head unit likely won't play the files it is offering to USB (via USB of course).
    2. You don't give details of your head unit. Does it have an AUX socket (3.5mm jack)? that would be the simplest.
    3. You don't give details of your fm transmitter, so we don't understand your expectations. Is it already hooked to the NW-HD5 via the headphone/line out?
    4. Naming your question after you doesn't make it easy to find this topic, later. So if it's not about you, please edit the topic ASAP. (hint: other such self-named topics have been deleted, in the past).


  8. SBeatjam.iso

    View File

    Thanks to FreddyJollo for this image requested several times on the forums. It is the ISO for the Sharp MD software called Beat Jam. I don't know any more about it than that.

    Good luck to y'all. You will still need, most likely the NetMD 64-bit drivers NETMD760.SYS available elsewhere in downloads.



  9. Welcome to our forums. It takes a long time, relatively, to go through and delete duplicate posts, so please DONT DO IT.

    The universal drivers for 32-bit and 64 bit windows should work just fine. No idea about BeatJam, but SonicStage should do what you want.


  10. "everyone" (meaning I cannot remember and I haven't done it!) is telling me that you should be able to buy a reliable USB<->RS232 adapter for a few bucks from Amazon. I do keep my early noughties laptop (T40) for communicating with my server-monster that has a real RS232 port in the docking station. I'm sure you know all about 9pin vs 25 pin and the various aspects of RTS/CTS and flow control generally, so you will work it out - that's the most painful part I have found, even if I have got the right connection.

  11. The reason for that is that all that gets transferred back is the rights (library book checkout). NetMD cannot be transferred to PC***. Pre-RH1 limitation in USB speed (hardware/firmware). RH1 by design****. They didn't want to proliferate copies generated by NetMD transfer. For HiMD a lot less restriction because they're normal files.

    ***I don't think you can get anything OFF an MZ-N710 for example.

    ****The ability to upload MDLP bitwise built into the firmware. The ability to upload SP, if i recall correctly (and doubtless someone's gonna jump all over me with hobnailed boots) simply generates 16bit toslink output and makes a wave stream. You can capture it but it won't be as good as the SP because it's not bit for bit.

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