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  1. Most of the complaints on Amazon seemed to suggest that the problem was with file corruption during transfer of the files to a computer, rather than being mechanical or electrical in nature.

    Do you do much file transferring to a computer?

    Yes, lots. I admit that I do a fair amount of playback at real time into my computers TosLink, but I have yet to fail to get the first upload of a file via the NetMD interface.

    Have you had any problems with file corruption?

    None whatever.

    The only issue is quality, how much does one lose compared to the almost-CD SP? Consensus and experience seem to indicate Hi-SP (256k) is pretty good; of course there is always PCM and since you get 94 minutes on a 1GB disk, that's enough for most live recordings.

  2. This will sound stupid, but have you tried putting the deck upside down?

    Funny you should ask that. I removed the deck from the stereo setup, took it to the other room, where, just as before it whistled (possibly less badly, no way to measure). A couple of days later I put it in place of my 520 next to the computer, thinking "I can at least use this to play back LP2" and eventually got around to testing record. Now, no noise!

    Why would turning it upside down have an effect? I may well have done during the course of my endeavours. My current theory (until you happened by with your comment) was along the lines of something crazy about the power in that corner of the house. Seems like I had trouble with several things over there at one time or another.


  3. Can you get a hard disk fixed when it dies? (rhetorical question) Tell me you've never lost a song that was stored on a hard disk.

    MD's combine backup with accessibility. Doesn't sound like they are gone yet by a long chalk.

  4. Then they'll ask for the disc. Apart from iPods, you don't seem to understand the problem with the proposed legislation.

    I'm not speaking to that problem (whatever single "problem" you think it is). I am curious why you think (assuming you are not Canadian yourself) you are qualified to comment on what I understand on a subject that is outside your domain of interest or competence.

    I don't have an iPod. You're not Canadian (correct me, please). So maybe that makes us even?!?!?

  5. Thanks for the pointer to the utility, I had no idea it was there.


    I have something I got as part of my Nero License but it is a bit of a hassle to use, except for one occasional file at a time.

    I concur with all your comments about needing to buy enough gear to keep using MD. I have only 2 HiMD's, and I keep the RH1 for things that only it can do - if it ever shows signs of unreliability then time to get another.

    But you're talking to someone who recently revived his 1975 Beocord 1600, heheh.

  6. Now I think about it, the portable function to erase all (which I never use) is probably ok, if you do it by pushing buttons (on the portable).

    I think it's just SonicStage's "initialization" that seems to take rather a long time, and also it frequently barfs if it thinks you shouldn't be deleting a transferred track.

    Hope this helps.

  7. The other plus on MD seems (to me) the consistency of the manufacture of the play/recording assembly. Touch wood, I have yet to see a disc recorded in one unit that would not behave perfectly in another (assuming it was supposed to be able to play it!). As long as Sony makes at least ONE device that does everything, all existing owners should be happy.

  8. One problem with NetMD is the 1700 character limit. It seems quite frequent that when downloading to LP2 (or, heaven forbid, LP4) that it is quite easy to get too much ("disk full") in the titling info. This is indeed solved in HiMD.

    Just a thought.

  9. Does anyone have knowledge or opinion of how much (if any) wear and tear is caused by erasing MDs on a deck?

    I was thinking that if erasing does cause some wear, I could put an older deck I have, that is doing nothing right now, into use as an "erase" unit. Like everyone else, I want my MD units to last as long as possible, so maybe this would help?

    I have observed that erasing on a deck is basically instant. The same cannot be said for portables. In fact if I want to erase something quickly I will walk over to the deck, since it knows enough even to recognise a "HiMd" as such and simply erase it all.

    I would guess there is no appreciable wear.

  10. Not sure if this the right place, and if our kindly moderators decide to move it.....

    It suddenly occurred to me that we MD users have a huge advantage over the Ipod crowd if we are travelling. If someone wants to inspect our machine, all they can likely do is take away 1 minidisc. After all there is no way that they can determine what else is on some other disc we have in our bag.

    I suppose it might take some convincing that "officer, this is not an ipod, there's no music on it". But assuming the said forces of copyright law and order are intelligent enough to look at what is being listened to, they probably are intelligent enough to understand that when the disc is removed, there is no infringing material in the machine.

    Could this even be enough to spark a flight back to MD? I doubt it. I always knew MD was superior because you can hold it in your hand (unlike a hard disk which will eventually die) and know what's on it.


  11. I was reading the reviews on Amazon and came across this:


    Are the negative comments in the review and replies true?

    I think the last comment (about flushing the disk) is right on the money. The technology seems pretty reliable, and although SS is a bit "idiosyncratic" in the end it delivers most of what you want given the restrictions (mostly gone) that Sony placed on its designers. Sure, if they could have delivered DRM-free management right at the start, things would have been better. But SS does work with all USB-capable minidisc devices.

  12. Hi, sorry I was thinking of customs tax and used the wrong term! If I mark the package as a "gift" and declare the value under a hundred would potential Canadian buyers not have to worry about being charged? Thanks for clearing that up for me. OP edited and noted


    'fraid the customs guys are quite used to people lying. They don't care, they open the package and collect money anyway. Even gifts are taxable. If you lie about the value on the commercial invoice there's even more complications.

    Weird, some shipments just roll right through, others get dinged. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Just DON'T try this with UPS or you will have one very angry recipient.



  13. $350 shipped to canada, duty-free

    I'm just curious what you mean by this. There likely is no duty on such electronics (or a couple of percent). However there will be GST, PST and the cost of clearing it through customs (UPS will charge you a whopping $50 or so, Canada Post about $7, FedEx probably about the same as Canada Post but maybe 0 if you have an account).

    If you have a way to make it arrive here FOB, I am sure some Canadians might be interested. But Minidisc Canada sells the black ones for $329 (Can) still + shipping + taxes. I am mildly intrigued (by the Silver case) but not enough to spring for it in my current circumstances.


  14. Hi

    i've been given a Sony MZ-R501 recording minidisc.

    It only has a LINE in not a MIC in and so records fine from line sources. Is it possible to have some microphone set up to use it to, say, to record live music? I've plugged a Electret tie-clip microphone into it and I get a very weak signal through.

    Obviously if I should probably just go out and buy a minidisc with a MIC in socket - but given what I've got, is there any way it is possible to get a reasonable signal from a microphone - and if so , how?

    You would need some sort of microphone preamp with its own power supply. This would magnify the signal up to Line In levels.

    Look at some of the other threads (in this section) before you leap into this. Even with the "right" gear some people had trouble.

    Disclaimer: I have never used a microphone preamp/battery box.

  15. i am using realtek and no i cant play md through pc

    Not sure what you mean by "using Realtek". Also NetMD is not designed to playback via the USB cable.

    But assuming you were trying to send the MD's LINE OUTPUT (from headphone jack) to the LINE INPUT of your sound card on the PC, then the problem is as I stated.

    Now try some other source of sound (this shouldn't be too hard, take the same cable's end that was in the MD and plug it into something with a 3.5 mm jack socket that is an output) and see if you can hear that on the PC. From what you're saying this might fail too. If it does, then the problem is likely nothing to do with minidisc.

    If it works, then the minidisc is either broken or set wrong.

  16. So my brand new-to-me MZ-m200, after working flawlessly the 1st 24 hours that I owned, now cannot perform ANY kind of write operation. The most common is recording a new mic or line track. I let it record for however long and after the "Data Save" message goes away, the "SystemFILE Writing" message appears and never goes away. If I try to format a disc, same thing. If I try to transfer music in SS or format from SS I get "Access Error". This occurs with new discs, old discs, Hi-MD, regular MD anything and everything. Did it just decide it doesn't like it's new owner. I'm soooooooooooo frustrated since it seemed this player was everything I've always wanted from an MD player/recorder!

    I've tried 3 different computers, different SS versions. Different batteries...everything. My old player can format and transfer to these discs just fine.

    And what's even BETTER is this process with the MZ-M200 completely corrupted two old old MDs of recordings I had while trying to transfer them PC.


    One oddity about the RH1 new users (including myself) usually run afoul of is this: the power supply and the USB-to-computer work a little differently. Specifically the PS has rather strange characteristics. You should always let the lights go out before switching from one to the other. I recall some of these errors with an out of the box machine, on the first day.

    Try taking out the Li Ion battery completely. I don't remember if it needs to be discharged. If the player is still working you can run it for some hours first.

    It may be that when the machine reinits, it will start working.

    The other thing to understand is that when you plug into USB you should not use a hub, and that when you switch from NetMD to HiMD the interface shuts down and opens up again in the other mode, like a different driver.

    Plugging into the "wall" powersupply seems like a 3rd "mode".

    Let's hope you haven't got a busted head cable......

  17. Have you checked to see if the Sound Card input is set to actually a. receive and b. record from the line input?

    Don't try recording anything, just first see (a.) if you can play back from MD into your PC speakers

    If this works, check the record devices on your sound card. It may be that one of them is muted. In my case, if you set it to Digital input (I have a Toslink-In card) then normal line in doesn't work for recording purposes.

  18. Sorry for shouting so loud, but none of the regular experts has replied any further. I still have a problem. What i now know is that the machine passes the continuous write diagnostic test with no errors.

    But that noise is definitely strange, and I am concerned lest I need to oil or grease something. This is a very nice deck but the first one that did anything like this.

    I also noticed that when i turn the AMS button esp when playing LP2, that frequently the track change doesn't take. This almost suggests that the vibration I can see of the head lateral position may after all have some side effects.

    I suppose it's just possible that this deck may have been almost unused (the guy didnt have any MD to offer me) and somehow this will go away if I use it enough. I'd really really hate to bust it, especially if there's something that I can try to fix it.

    Thanks all


  19. I have a Sony NH900. Recently I've been unable to make SS copy files to the unit. This is on two different computers, each running the last version of SS under Vista. It used to work - but not any more. I get error 0000662e when I try to initialise discs, then they become unusable (Cannot Record Or Play error on the NH900). SS works fine to inport CDs and so on, just not to copy to disc.

    Any ideas?

    Before doing anything else make quite sure the hold button isn't on. People report weird problems using the machine remotely when "hold" is set (yellow showing).

    I assume you cannot write to a disc by any means, including but not limited to the following: add a track mark, delete a file, record using microphone or line/optical input. If this is not so, disregard the rest of this post.

    Without being an expert (as I only suffered one dead drive, ever) it seems that the major likely reason you cannot write to a disk is, well er, you cannot write to a disk. What I mean by this is that a critical component is the write head which is separate from the read head. It's connected to the electronics by a thin, coated, flexible wire (of course, how else are heads built?; until someone embeds bluetooth there) and the wire may be broken internally or even visibly.

    Various solutions have involved reattaching (using solder) the wire (or a new, parallel wire made of the the kind of wire you buy in electronics breadboard kits; if you know what I mean there's a chance you can fix this) to the write head, which has been reported to get detached from that wire by repeated flexion. This is pretty tricky stuff. Unless you are an electronics genius Sony repair (out of warranty of course) may be your only option.

    (edit-update) I found that post


    Good luck; you may need it.

  20. Great find, Barock. I just checked the printed manual for my MZ-RH10 and the same paragraph is there on page 87.


    However (just to be a curmudgeon) I notice there is quite a habit by Sony of cut-and-paste. Eg a manual with no microphone input may have a whole section devoted to recording with a mike.

    The difference I observed was quite startling - and I went back and checked a couple of times.

    One reason I was intrigued is that if d/l to SP on the RH1 is producing "fake SP" (ie LP2) then somehow there had to be a compensating technology to enable them to pull this sleight-of-hand. That would argue in favour of RH1 supporting type S.

    Very odd.

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