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  1. sfbp's post in We are alive and well here, are we not? was marked as the answer   
    Sorry about that.
  2. sfbp's post in Sonicstage 4.3 doesn't work on my Windows 10 PC was marked as the answer   
    Is this by any chance Windows 10 N?
    It's just possible I suppose that SS relies on bundled DLLs.
    If N doesn't have Windows Media Player (see here) then I'd be inclined to see if it's possible to install it.
  3. sfbp's post in CMT-M333NT Windows XP 32 bit driver was marked as the answer   
    It works AFAIK. I have that exact combination installed, I think.
    Are we talking real or virtual XP?
    This driver?
    It's possible that you might have to get rid of existing Sony NetMD drivers. (look at all oem<nn>.inf in the \windows\inf directory for text Sony NetMD)
    It's also possible that you might have to override the STOP! message when Windows discovers the driver hash doesn't match properly.
    It's possible that you have BOTH of the above problems.
  4. sfbp's post in Sonic Stage Ultimate Release 2 Installation Problem on Vista was marked as the answer   
    I don't see why that affects Sonic Stage. Generally system dll changes would not have any effect on a roughly 10 year old app like Sonic Stage.

    It may be good advice... but OTOH you may just end up placing restrictions on the software you're installing. My vote would be NO although I'm sure there are situations where SFC is quite useful.

  5. sfbp's post in Watching movies from usb question was marked as the answer   
    Right, so from that price you must have bought it some time ago.

    Get the Samsung PLAYER (never mind about Samsung TV) and put its output to the TV you have. When I read "All I want to do" or "just" (admittedly not the "just" in your third sentence) I always respond "life is n e v e r simple".

    Good luck.
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