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  1. Many thanks to you guys. This is exactly the information I needed.
  2. I use Windows just to clear up any confusion. The only thing I know about minidiscs is that they sort of function like cassettes, of which I like its ease of use. I will use it to do other things as Guitarfxr mentioned: practice aid, lessons, rehearsals, concerts. I have a normal HD mp3 player so I may probably not use it as much as a player and just opt for a device strictly used for recording unless someone can point out any advantages that minidiscs have. I'm entirely new to this format, so I'd be happy to hear any features unique to minidisc or why choose minidisc over _______.
  3. Hi, I'm completely new to minidisc players, and I was led here by a friend who recommended them as convenient and high quality recording devices. What i need is something that records instrumental music well because I plan to use it to send CD's of my playing to colleges, competitions, etc. Because most institutions don't take minidiscs, I need to be able to upload the recording onto my computer and burn it onto a CD without any loss in sound quality. I play the clarinet (if that makes any difference) and I want something that will sound rich, clear, and hopefully cover up any improficiencies in my playing (a person can dream ). Price is not too much of an issue, but the cheaper the better. I'm also open to buying microphones if it will help the quality of the recording.
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