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  1. Yes I had same problem with some album art. The only way I found to resolve it was to in WMP11 to choose the album in question, highlight the songs, right click and choose 'advanced tag editor', click the pictures tab and add the art you want. This seems to embed the art into each file/song. If this doesn't work let me know as I have had a couple of unusal situations which has required me to remove all tag info from a file etc. The best way to avoid any issues is to use ripping software that embeds album art when the songs are ripped. I use dbpoweramp which works well.
  2. Zizone, what does a condenser do in an mp3 player? I have come across condenser mics for guitars etc, but can't see how that would apply to what an mp3 player is doing. Can you or any shed any light?
  3. I would definitely be interested in your proposed application. WMP11 is fine but doesn't support AAC transfer etc as so you can't have any ACC songs on WMP playlists. I have found Winamp to be unreliable and unpredictable in terms of what is transferred to the player. Album art isn't such a big deal for me as I use dbpoweramp to rip files which embeds the art.
  4. Thanks for the link Ascariss. Interesting
  5. Ceres, when you say those who want high quality sound reproduction won't bother with BT, what is exactly the quality of the BT? I was led to believe the actual files were streamed meaning no loss in quality. BT could be very useful when used in tandem with a BT receiver plugged into your home stereo. You could then listen to all your music at home through the walkman. But if sound quality is compromised then it is less attractive. Anyone know the details of BT sound quality?
  6. Yeah i'm on the fence too. Looking at video on youtube it looks like player still doesn't support playlist on fly or deleting songs from player & I assume if it could handle gapless that would have been promoted. Shame. main differences to 818 appear to be increased storage, bigger screen, & bluetooth. but guess we will have to wait and see.... ATRACLIFE blog... where are you??????????????????????????????????????
  7. I'm confused. Do these devices have noice cancelling? I have seen a photo on Engadget i think that had a switch on the top for NC and another photo that had NC headphones. But the ones on the UK Sony site seem to not include NC. I can't tell from the Sony Japan site either. Anyone have any definite specs etc?
  8. DavidJ, you have to make sure that the album art is assigned to the album in Sonicstage. If you set your view in sonicstage to "albums" then right click on the album and select properties you can assign art to the album there. I don't have an Sony NW-806 but I would have thought that would work
  9. bob123_


    I think the SonyStyle Japan site said 15 November or something like that for the release in Japan. Does anyone know if this or something similar will be release worldwide?
  10. bob123_


    I would have to agree. I fairly regularily check Atraclife because I thought they were ahead or at least equal with other sites at reporting Sony news. Even if it is just a Japan release it is still a major release. Atraclife's silence is surprising
  11. bob123_


    pata2001. what's with all the negative attidude???? Why don't you just wait and see??
  12. bob123_


    if they do release it world-wide they may release drag n drop versions. player looks awesome and is exactly what i've been waiting for. If you are listening... Sony, please please please release this world-wide!!!!!
  13. bob123_

    New Player

    I'm not sure about the lossless format (i assume you mean ATRAC lossless). I'll leave that question for others on this forum with better expertise/experience. But I would have thought that if you can convert an ATRAC Lossless to mp3/acc without using the lossy ATRAC file then presumably the quality should be preserved.
  14. bob123_

    New Player

    It looks like for those of us outside of Japan, future walkman players will be without ATRAC support. So if you are planning to upgrade now and in the future then it is sensible to encode your music to mp3/acc (there are other forum topics with view on what is best). From what I understand and have experienced your plan to convert your atrac music to mp3 will result in a decrease in the quality of the music. You will essentially be compressing a track from an already compressed track. So, as bad as it sounds you are better to get those cds out again and rip straight to mp3/acc.
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