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  1. Hi, I tried out so so many earphones in an electrical shop before I bought the Sennheiser CX 300. It's all about what you like at the end of the day, but these phones do the business as far as super clear bass and crystal highs go. An amazing product that also comes with a 2 year guarantee. The best choice I've ever made and they just get better and better by the day They isolate sound very well too, so you can live with the volume limiter that some French so-and-so decided would be a good idea to put on European mp3 players and p*** us all off into the bargain!!! (Am I bitter about this?? U decide!) Getting back to the subject, they cost 40-50 euros.....well worth the buy!!.......beating, in my opinion, earphones that cost way more.
  2. wichi

    DSEE - A retraction

    There is a difference....My songs are at Atrac 64k and the high-end is affected ie. the cymbals come through more than without DSEE. But that's the only difference really. On the NW players themselves there is no difference in sound quality...only when you listen to music on the pc. I supose with some headphones or loudspeakers the DSEE may not make much difference. Still, at least Sony have added to the player in some way - made a step forward. It may improve drastically in future updates.....he hopes!!!
  3. wichi


    There's no shadow of a doubt that the Sennheiser CX300 is the best earphone you can buy in the price-range. I was blown away by the quality/performance and oh yeah, almost forgot, decent cusomer service when they rarely go wrong. The 2 year guarantee on them is such a great added extra too. Well done Sennheiser Sony, I feel, has a little catching up to do where earphones are concerned, but before anyone calls me a "Sonyophobe" (!!), their walkmans are way way better than anything else you can get on the market, and Sonicstage has also been faithful to me up til now......famous last words!
  4. Thanks for the info qiki. I'm even more tempted now to buy the player!! What is a good deal at the moment. Anything under 150 euros/100 pounds? By the way, is there still a volume limiter/block/lock present on this model, if you buy it from Europe? Thx
  5. I totally disagree with you there, pata2001. Sometimes having the chance of blocking out traffic sounds and shouting people is heaven, especially when you find yourself in pleasant surroundings, like a park, or trying to work, like in a library. PEACE is priceless!!! Of course whilst riding a bike on the road, it's not such a good idea! It's just a shame that we have to rely on modern technology to attain this nowadays But I also have a question regarding this player. Is there a big difference in quality between the NW700 and the NWe005 players? I'm tempted to buy the new player, but if there's no real difference in sound quality, I'm prepared to stay with my trusty E005. (I can cancel out a lot of noise with my sennheisers).
  6. hi, Please let us know the outcome, when you've short-circuited the resistors! If it's easy and a success, I think you're on to a winner. Good luck :)
  7. I think it's been tried, as far as I can remember, and failed. So it must be due to something else. I'm no technical bod either, but I so wish I were... It would be nice if someone came across the service manual for this player and found out that if you tapped the buttons in a certain combination, it would solve the prob. Does anyone have it yet?
  8. There is too much compression when you put all EQ bars to full - it overloads, (because of the volume limiter) and that's why the player compensates and supresses the lows and covers it in mud. This is where the volume unlock would solve the problem and let the sound run it's course, as the bands intended, and not get to twenty five on the volume bar and think, "oh my god, it's getting too loud...i have to sap all the life out of the song now!" Still, like I said, i bought some in-ear headphones, which are great, and have had to settle for lower volumes, (but i'm still hoping for that genius who can solve this problem - or for Sony to give us the choice to listen to our music louder.) Why is it that the French (who enforced the law) have to spoil things?.....by French I mean the government.... WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE, NO? (This subject doesn't really get me worked up....you've not noticed, right? )
  9. Unfortunately we're still waiting for some miracle to happen, where someone writes in with a hack or a dazzling piece of reverse engineering that will unlock the volume. I've not given up hope yet, so if anyone has a spare "5 mins" to work out the PROBLEM ,(sorry for shouting ), you would make thousands and thousands of Sony owners happy! I just wish I were clever enough to have a go! *sigh*
  10. I'm European (Austria/England)! I bought the E005 in Austria and didn't know anything at the time about the volume limit put on all European players. Although I've kinda got used to the volume the way it is now and have bought great sennheiser CX-300 phones, I still think unlocking the volume would benefit the quality of the sound, because I unlocked the volume on the NW A-1000 and it vastly improved the sound, even at moderate levels...made the sound more defined and not as "muddy". Does anyone have any tips on squeezing all the juice out of the player without distorting the sound? EQ to max just doesn't work. Has anybody increased the volume on mp3s using an external mixer/recorder and then transferred them to SonicStage? Does it work? I can guess it would be a lot of work to do!!!
  11. It's getting close to Christmas, and I was just wondering whether Santa..oops....I mean Sony will be presenting new firmware for the NW Exxx models. Or will v2 be the last version? I don't know how you guys think, but for me, being able to install new firmware and stuff like that really "freshens" up the player and keeps it modern/up to date. What wouly you like to see incorporated into v3, or whatever it'll be called? Will Sony finally unlock the volume? Any bonuses like an intelligent shuffle? Or how about a update of ATRAC3+, so we can fit even more songs onto our players without loss of quality? Lots of questions here, but it would be nice to know what you think/if you know something Thx
  12. wichi

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    Does anybody know if the service manual has been released for the Exxx model yet? There must be a way to "decap" the volume. I've read on other pages that Sony wouldn't disclose ways of unlocking the volume even if they knew how, as they could be sued if someone damaged their hearing because of it. As service manuals exist for other models, that show the unlock function, when will this one be available? How long does it normally take? Thanx
  13. I had the same problem importing cds, so I tried turning off my virus scanner (Kaspersky) and since then I've had no conflicts at all, and the OMG error has not reared its ugly head
  14. Does anyone know if and when there'll be a new firmware update for the NW Exxx? Version 2.00 is already on the player. I had the A-1000 for a while and I think that the intelligent shuffle (star rating) or top 100 songs played are a really good idea, which I'd very much appreciate on the flash walkman, plus other little gadgets that firmware update sometimes give us!!
  15. wichi

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    Firstly I've got to say that the volume on the nw exxx is only just too quiet for me. If I could only raise the volume by a few notches I'd be so happy. By playing music at 30 tho, it seems that some songs suffer and the walkman supresses some parts eg bass, or the crowd level in live recordings. I've tried raising the EQ, but this only worsens the problem and distorts the sound into the bargain! So is anyone the wiser to solving this ongoing puzzle about unlocking the volume limit? Thx
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