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  1. Good point, Dural. I would trust an old recorded MD that has been on the shelf for years as long or longer than I would trust a flash memory card these days. That's the format I will probably end up going to in a couple of years. Unless a pro model of a Hi-MD with digital in and out and a keyboard input comes out soon. I doubt that's going to happen. I guess it will come down to not being able to find new MD machines to record onto.
  2. Such cruelty! sniff, sniff. My trusty, rusty old MDS-E10 display is starting to fade. If I do have to switch formats, I hope it makes it long enough to transfer all my most important source mixes to another format. There must be plenty of MD enthusiasts in Japan. I wonder what they have to say about all of this? synchro
  3. Thanks for your replies everyone. I guess what made me kinda hesitant about it is that if you do a search for cassette deck on ebay versus minidisc, there are many more cassette auctions that minidisc auctions. I know that many more cassette machines were made, but still... Either those who have MD are holding on to them or there are less and less MD for sale on ebay to go around. I would hate to be a couple of years down the line and not be able to find a working machine to buy. Still, it is quite difficult to resist the MZ-RH1. (MZ-M200) I've waited a long time for a Hi-MD machine that works on the Mac. Has anyone ever done business with studica.com?
  4. Hello All, I've used the MiniDisc format in my little recording studio since 1999. I switched over from DAT back then because I was tired of all my tapes getting eaten by various machines both in my studio and others. Currently, I still use a Sony MDS-E10 to capture my mixes from my mixing board. My mixes consist of virtual synths, recorded vocals and other instruments playing back from my RME 9632 sound card via Digital Performer. Along with that, I have a host of MIDI keyboards and other MIDI modules also connected to the mixer playing back as well. So for me, I cannot just mix the whole recording down into an AIFF or WAV file from my main computer. The MiniDisc format has served me well over the years and I also enjoy the portable recorders for recording performances in the community orchestra where I play trumpet. Should I pick up a MZ-M200 as a last machine in the MiniDisc realm? I hate to switch to a hard drive, CD-R or flash based recorder but it looking like I'm not going to have much of a choice. Please let me know what all of you think. Thanks. Mike
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