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  1. Hooray! The cradle finally arrived today! My multi-adapter seems to be working fine with the NH1/charging cradle, I'm listening to it as we speak whilst it charges having just used it to transfer a load of music to a Hi-MD! Bargain NH1 then! :D Edit: The only slight bugbear is that I have to charge the NH1 in the cradle, and transfer files using the data cable, I can't seem to do both as there doesn't seem to be a way to plug the USB cable into the dock! I do wonder though if it's a genuine item, though if it charges the thing I'm not too fussed
  2. I've found this also on Ebay (not sure if it'll help you as well Wizard) which I'm watching, will get one if my multi-voltage adaptor doesn't work with it.
  3. I've actually got a multi-voltage adaptor now, which goes from 3v to 12v. The stated ampage at 6 volts is 1A, would that work OK with the NH1/dock? What the charger says exactly is: Input: 230v AC ~ 50Hz, 0.28a max Output:- 3/4.5/5v - 1.2A; 6/9V - 1A; 12v - 0.9A
  4. Yep, I'm nearly there! I have found an RH1 charger on Ebay, will that work with my NH1? I hope so as it's quite cheap! I've so far got an NH1 for £35.82 (£20.77 for the unit/headphones and 10MDs including 1 Hi-Md, £15.05 for the cradle), just need that charger to complete the kit but they seem very hard to find! I have the fluffy case I could use from my NH700, though prefer the black 'leatherette' type cases that come with the Net-Mds (using one for my Sony pocket DAB!), could use that also.
  5. Just ordered one of the above docking stations! Just a quick question, it doesn't look as if it comes with any cables - I presume it'll work with my standard USB lead or my existing NH1 lead? Damn, I still need a charger though....
  6. Thanks for the links Wizard, I've added them to my Ebay!
  7. Finally, the USB has arrived from China! Plugged it into my NH1, and hey presto, it seems to be fully working! Successfully played all the tracks off a Minidisc over the headphones via SonicStage with no problems, PC recognised it straightaway. Not tried writing anything to it yet, that'll be next, but of course it won't charge the NH1. So still looking for the docking cradle, and I guess a compatible charger, as the chargers for existing MD players I have are all too low a voltage. Btw, what's the part number of the charger that I need?
  8. I did wonder about 'modifying' the cradle a bit so the NH1 would fit, but I am keeping my eyes open for a proper NH1 cradle, they seem to be as rare as hen's teeth!
  9. Would this cradle from an N1/N10 fit my NH1? I'd need a charger too, I have a few chargers from other MDs, but do I need a specific charger?
  10. I've been hunting all over Ebay and other places now for the docking cradle to go with my rather lonely NH1 unit with no joy so far. I believe that the older N1 model has the same connector as the NH1, and that it's charger uses the same voltage. Could I use the N1's docking cradle on my NH1 without any problems? And if not, do I have any other alternatives available to me? I've ordered a USB cable that fits the unit off Ebay which should be arriving soon, though I think all I can do with this is transfer to/from the unit, and play MDs using the power from the USB port. Any help appreciated, bit frustrating having this piece of kit and not be able to use it!
  11. Sorry, yes the recording function of these works fine too
  12. Just though, I believe the MZ-N10 has the same connector, can I use the docking station for that model with my NH1?
  13. I have got a few too many Minidisc players, so have decided to let a couple go. Unfortunately it's the players only, I don't have any accessories to go with them, but they both work absolutely fine. They are used, the R500 is in a particularly used condition, paint wear on corners and some text has worn/rubbed away, general marks and light scratching all over from general use. The R501 is in better condition, though also had light marks from typical use too. Please see attached pictures to get a better idea of their condition. As stated sadly no other accessories, but I can chuck in a couple of used Minidiscs with the players if you prefer. I can sell both units together or separately, can ship worldwide which will cost probably about £8-£10 or so for International Signed For, I can accept bank transfer, Paypal, Nochex, cheques, postal orders or cash via registered mail (At sender's risk) for UK buyers, and for international sellers Paypal or cash sterling via registered mail only so far. I might accept trades, espeically if someone has a spare NH1 docking station as I have a nice NH1 but no dock so can't use this great little unit yet !
  14. Just got the NH1 now, just waiting for the USB cable to arrive (It's coming from Hong Kong!), a few scratches but it looks nice, even came with 10 MDs including a Hi-MD one! @HD, I might well be taking you up on that offer if it still stands, still haven't sourced a docking station, even put a 'want it now' on Ebay for one with no joy so far!
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