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  1. Thx for all the help ! this is all the info I needed Wish there were more people like you out there
  2. Thank you for a great response !! I am going to check on the sansa player, it looks pretty damn good ! RH1 is very tempting but the prize if of course a little bit high and specially here in Iceland I know I should be able to read around the forums for these anwsers but is it possible to move mp3 front and back from the RH1 to my PC without useing somekind of software like sonicstate ? I read somewhere that if you record something on it (RH1) you cannot put that in you're computer as a mp3 and burn it on disk AND that sonicstate has some artist protection thing or something like that ? I am reading bullshit on the web or what ?
  3. Hi, I am from iceland and I have used my MZ-R70 for almost 6 years now and I guess it is time for a new player. Now, I have been reading alot of reviews and stuff about new MD players but it seems like everyone is haveing a problem with everything. What I want is a mp3 player, I have alot of downloaded mp3 songs in my computer witch I want to put over on to a HiMD or whatever, without a problem, with drag and drop function if possible and then just listen to it ! It needs to have VERY GOOD sound quality ! A recording function would be nice too, but its mainly just a mp3 player. What MD player or mp3 player do you think is the best for me ? price does not matter. Best regards and thx for a cool forum !
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