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  1. Just dropped a message.

  2. Hi Peter I'm interested in the $5 MD player. It's ok if it doesn't record but does it play back fine?

  3. I was thinking of saving them for someone buying a unit... but since that doesn't seem to be happening, I will do $2 each.
  4. I'm not sure if this helps, but the later remote with the display can work on the R35 and I presume the R30. Most functions work from what I recall.
  5. Hi, first time I've been back in a while... The other day I started ruminating on what MD might have looked like today if Sony had kept at it. This is what I imagine: 1. The name would be Blu-MD. Basically all the capability of a Blu-ray but with diminished capacity, just like Hi-MD was a smaller CD. 2. Sound could be stored and played as DSD files (like an SACD), video would also be possible. 3. Titling... what was sorely missing, IMO, was the ability to have various accents on letters. Modern technology should also make foreign language support a snap. Make the firmware updateable if you need a new language (or just have them all on there in the first place, how hard can it be when memory is so cheap?). Allow directly attaching a keyboard to any unit via USB or Bluetooth. 4. No copy restrictions - fat chance, just thought I'd mention it. I know Sony has a portable DSD player now. Solid state just seems to pack a lot more data, but spinning media can be quite convenient. What do you think?
  6. I guess he means condensation. You should try opening the shutter so it dries out. Open it by using a second minidisc. Put the corner in the groove and push it open like so: http://rs43.pbsrc.com/albums/e354/peter_x/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20150301_232430.jpg~320x480 You can also do this by inserting the disk halfway into a portable so the shutter starts to open and try to hold it back while taking the disc out.
  7. I wasn't sure how to check the cables (I have a multimeter but I'm more experienced with cars) but I found a replacement cable on ebay for only $15. Should be here by Tuesday. I did check the version before I took it apart... maybe 1.4? Can't really remember so I will check that again. This is the best picture I could get of the damaged area. It is the display board cable.
  8. Very interesting you should mention these things... I had noticed one of the white ribbon cables was cut a little on one side, but I didn't think it completely severed the conductor. When I looked around, I noticed that another ribbon - the one coming from the front panel - had been compressed. It was squeezed together between the edge of the board and the top cover support - exactly what would happen if someone pressed too hard on top of the player, and it does seem the top cover has some depression to it. Looking around a bit more, I found that one chip - on the right side upright board - indeed says MDS-B5! It remains to be seen if this was changed or the two machines use the same component. Tonight I will start looking over the service manual to see what those ribbon cables do, and what components are listed. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction... those ribbon cables seem to carry the eject button signal judging by their placement.
  9. Well upon examining it more I have some information: If using a prerecorded disc and pressing eject, the display first says "Premastered" before "Impossible". If using a recordable with the write protection tab in, it says "Write-protected". It seems the machine thinks the eject button is some edit command (Even though this is a playback only deck, I suppose it has much the same software as the MDS-B5). If I continue to press the button, I can get the display to read "Eject" and "No disc" but it never ejects, instead it reads the TOC as if I have just put in the disc. Thanks. edit: quick video, this is a recordable MD without write-protection enabled And one with a prerecorded MD: BTW I didn't find the service manual or user manual helpful (no troubleshooting guide).
  10. I glanced through the service manual and did not see the message. I do not think it is in demo mode either. I will read it more though. I will try to put up a video later. Thanks.
  11. I bought an MDS-B6P off ebay that wasn't powering on. I got the power problem fixed (the person who fixed it for me said something about standby mode and a bad transistor). The deck seems to be working ok apart from the fact it won't eject discs. It displays "Impossible" when the eject button is pressed, and just stops playing the disc. I can still get the discs out by rotating the wheel at the back of the loading mechanism (I have the cover off). The stop and eject buttons also have to be pressed fairly hard to get a response, I suppose I could use some contact cleaner on them. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  12. That list is definitely not complete. I have: Midori/Mehta - Dvorak: Violin Concerto/Romance/"Carnival" Overture (Sony Classical 44 923) I think there were a few more Sony Classical releases too.
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