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  1. Aloha! I have two Sharp minidisc units (both won off of eBay): an MD-MT821 and an MD-MT15. Both requires "DC in 5V". The MT15 has no ac adapter and the MT821 came with a 100Vac power supply (Japanese). Other than ordering a power supply from Sharp I was wondering if this power supply from RadioShack will suffice: Catalog #: 273-1696 Digital Camera Power Adapter DC 3, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 V (2000 mA) 5Vdc can be selected but at an amperage of up to 2000 mA (2A)! I thinking it would work, but the 2A sounds frightening... Any thoughts anyone? Thanks for any reply!
  2. Aloha! Thanks for the replies guys! I was able to set the BEEP off and set the AVLS. It took about 3 hours for the battery to charge fully using the supplied AC adapter (100VDC to 240VDC). What looks kinda weird to me is the way the buttons are arranged (semi-circle) on the back side of the player--looks like bite marks. Anyway, I love it! Dom
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    Aloha! I had a friend who went to Japan recently and I had asked him to buy me a Sony MZ-EH50 and he returned with a silver one. Paid $130 for it. Damn it's nice! Light weight and small. Sounds great, too! Anyway, the instructions are all in Japanese...I was hoping if someone had an English translation available to upload/post. Or at least let me know how to turn off the annoying BEEP when switching tracks, when turning off the unit, etc. And if its possible to change to English language on the remote...BTW the RM-MC40ELK remote substitutes just fine. Thanks for any reply! Dom
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