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  1. Time involved in splitting or i should say putting tracks, titleing the songs and trimming the recording from the leader grooves in and out of the lp is fun and skillfull. Anyone who doesn't like to do this is just lazy and they just want things to be convienant. That is why people are going nowhere fast. I don't know how they breathe and enjoy the end result instead of having everything there there there and not have patience. I will never ditch mds. I love them with passion and snear at those with ipods in their ears and in films and tv. I enjoy recording on them, listening to them. I'm not lazy with having things so convieniant and have no respect for my music by owning and listening to music in ipods. I hate ipods and mp3 players. They can't do or give you the pleasure that MDs can.
  2. Original post is here: HERE (BELOW) IS THE REAL LINK TO THE PETITION http://www.petitiononline.com/BBMD2011/petition.html
  4. I have this auto md reciever and i bought it from someone on Ebay from England and it didn't come with a manual. I downloaded the manual online and it doesn't refer to the issue i have about the clock setting. You see it only shows the clock in army time. 13:00 and on to 24:00 and i don't see a way to correct this. Does any one know or have the UK model with book? I checked on setting the clock on the unit as well as going through the menu on the unit and don't see anything to change the clock further with a setting of 12 hour or 24 hour setting.
  5. Go here for blank minidiscs: http://protape.stores.yahoo.net/audio-tape-minidisc.html I will never use Memorex MDs again. To record on a new one for the first time is fine, but when you erase it and record on it again...it is like the magnetic coding goes bad and the recordings come out either cutting out or won't play. There will be also scratch rings on the none record side of the disc like something was rubbing against the disc in the recorder.
  6. I love the MD format. I don't buy VHS, audio cassettes anymore. I buy DVD-R discs, Music CDR (For Cassette and Lp mastering). I hate Ipods and MP3 players with passion. I will and refuse to give up the format i enjoy. I will even pay $10 for one blank down the road if necessary?
  7. They are not dead in my book! I will never accept the Ipod or MP3 players! Even if i have to pay a arm and a leg for blank MD's, i will do so!
  8. Go to Pro Tape.Com, MDs from $1.25 and up each in packs of 5's or 10's! I just ordered 40 Sony Niege's for $65.?? with shipping and handling and they will be in today (Tuesday, the 12th of January)!
  9. I'm interested in your 5th lot. I don't know what to offer but what is the least you would take for them?
  10. I own a Sony MDS-JE520 B and i love it! I have owned it for about 12 years. I only had to refurbish the guts one time with mint guts from another same model cause of the laser lense.
  11. I will never give up on this format. I love it to death. I hate the MP3 and Ipods with disgust. I'm mad at Sony too! I will look high and low for blanks and devices when my devices start to fail. When i buy these things i will look on that the person selling it doesn't know what they lost. I will plan on having t-shirts and stickers made to show the love i have on this format. When i do make them i can think about making them for others too with a nice price?
  12. I think the guy who says that MDs are a useless gadget is nothing more than a idiot! I think MP3 and Ipods are useless cause you CAN NOT DO on MP3 Players and Ipods what you can DO with a MD!
  13. How much for all!? I can't use the HD ones though, so minus the HD ones.
  14. I have one Sony deck model, One Sharp portable model, One Sony Car Audio Model and two dresser drawers filled with MDs! Even to mention a plastic carry case with MDs in it for the road with a black TDK zipper soft fabric case for the road as well.
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