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  1. I'll try again. Wow am I out of date! but then living in Bulgaria will do that to you. I thought the NH1 was still the bee's knees until I read about the RH1 which I do believe I must have(the NH1 is still fantastic but being able to put all my SP MD's onto PC....well). This revelation comes at just the right time as I must admit to having had a brief and strangely disturbing yearning for the 160mg iPod. I'm over that now. As someone, somewhere here said,....I like the mechanics. However, I have a few questions.... Clearly the RH1 is gorgeous, so why is it so cheap compared to the price I paid for my NH1? Does anyone know if Sony have any plans to upgrade/update the RH1 or bring out a new and even better model within the next 6 months? Does anybody know, what are the chances of the 1gb disc being expanded, or if this is even posssible? Does any one want an MZ-R909 with all the bits? It works fine, I just don't use it. Cheers
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