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  1. Investigating the Edirol UA-1D a bit more revealed that it outputs 48 kHz regardless of source. I'm thinking that isn't helping matters much (AIFF 44.1 kHz -> UA-1D 48 kHz. -> MZ-S1 44.1 kHz). I did have a little more success with Jam by turning off the record sync on the MZ-S1. Still not 100% though, and that's been my goal to get the Mac digital audio output to be equally reliable as a stand alone CD player. I had thought about inserting the silent audio files as well, although I think at this point it would just be easier to burn a CD-RW and feed that to my MXD-D3... at least the CD-Text would be a nice bonus.
  2. I had some success with the Airtunes/AirPort Express route. Unfortunately, it is still not 100%, and some track marks are still not getting through in the MD recording process. I also tried Roxio's Jam (S/PDIF through Edirol UA-1D) with various x-second gaps, and surprisingly no success either. All sound files on my Mac are AIFF, and are not from a gapless album. This is very frustrating....
  3. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate the heads up that the S/PDIF output is covering the whole system audio, and is not isolated specifically to iTunes. I've not had any luck with soundflower... cool application, however in this case it doesn't appear to isolate the iTunes audio for proper output either. Also no luck on Jetaudio (appears to be primarily for Windows). Currently I'm looking at using Airtunes/AirPort Express as a possible solution to this problem. Once I get ahold of the proper TOS Link cable I'll be trying it out. If successful, I'll be sure to report back.
  4. When recording from a CD player -optically connected- to a MD player, the recorded MD would always retain the same track breaks as the original CD. Now I'm currently trying to do the same thing with iTunes + MZ-S1, and am not succeeding in getting the track breaks as before. Configuration: - 1 GHz PowerBook - OS 10.4.11 - iTunes 7.4.2 (OFF: sound enhancer, EQ, cross-fade) - S/PDIF via USB Audio Interface (Edirol UA-1D) Are there any Mac users here that have had success (as reliable as the days of CD) with iTunes and MD recording? Any advise or tips will be welcome.
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