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  1. holycrap i just figured it. call me stupid. The batteries were low on the MD player thanks everyone
  2. both MP3 and wma. now its oma
  3. The voice recording that i have is about 100 minutes. I can transfer a 3 min. song to the MD player but not the 100 min voice recording. On sonic stage i selected LP4 mode but it doesnt go thru. Also, sonic stage is saying that my device/media/minidisc has 80 mins of free space on it (based on SP mode)? Do i need to get a new disc? thanks
  4. do i have to get a mini disc that allows me to play LP4 mode. I found the LP4 mode on sonic stage, but it wont let me tranfer the track.... Its a voice recording.
  5. Im trying to send a voice recording to my MD player and i get , unable to transfer track.... what does taht mean
  6. I have a MZ-n707 player, is it compatible with a 1GB Hi-MD disc? If not, whats the longest player time that is availabe for the player that i have right now?
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