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  1. yes thanks! It's like for the ipod, or for most of the lithion battery life. I think I'll leave the minidisc turned on until it turn off itself, then I'll completely charge the battery.
  2. I received mine today(new) the battery inside was still charged, when I charged it there was written 15 minutes left..... So maybe.... that's not normal....... However I want know... are there third party gumstick batteries for the rh1 with more power capacity???
  3. Well... even with the extra tax I've saved 30€.... small consolation.... without tax I would have saved about 100€. However this player is really a small jewel... now the next problem....a replacement battery for the future.
  4. Arrived today..... but I had to pay 75€ for customs tax...... that's not fair.....Buying it here was cheaper in the end .......
  5. I know that............. <_< I remember when I saw the first models here... But only recently(hem...) I noticed you can listen to mp3, even if atrac3 is a better compression. I've already own an old ipod mini first generation, then I bought a 5th g ipod 30gb, I want that minidisc because it's cool!!!!
  6. Good to hear this. The problem are the italian customs.... they suck. If you are lucky you get what you ordered otherwise you can say bye-bye to it. They shipped my rh with ems so I hope there shouldn't be any problem. I 've always wanted a mini-disc player since the day they came out on the market! Stay tuned! XD
  7. I don't know.... however I've checked right now in my paypal account and it says I'm verified. I don't know if this is only for my country or what. I only hope my minidisc arrive all in one piece here.
  8. My fault! Paypal account wasn't verified.... but this sound little strange to me since I've made lot of payment online. I send them a scan of my license. Item already sent!!!! I'm waiting my new little baby now
  9. Hi there!!! I'm new here so please excuse me if I'm writing in the wrong section. I've ordered an RH1 from minidisc canada and paid with Paypal but in the order page under the status of the order nothing is written..... and the order is not processed yet..... I've already paid with Paypal and write them sone questions but no answer. Is that site working??? I live in Italy and I don't think that's the problem. I've made and paid the order on 6 February 2008 but no answer..... Thanks and sorry for my english.
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