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  1. I'm a comedian and I'm trying to record a new CD. I simply uploaded the last one in analog from the mini disc. But the quality wasn't as good as I want it. I learned that the M200 could upload digitally, but as you said it is pricey. I'll look at the RH1. I'm looking on ebay. I'm comparing the prices to just buying a DAT recorder. I saw some of the decks had digital out. I'm using a Mac laptop to do the mixing of the CD. If I can buy a deck, or a portable on Ebay, reasonably, I'd prefer to go that way. But if it going to cost as much as a DAT recorder I might just as well do that.
  2. I have a Sharp mini disc recorder. It gives me great live recording. However I want to upload digitally to my computer. This doesn't have that capability. What is the most economically way to be able to upload digitally? Thanks Bryan
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