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  1. I've just finished building a 64bit Windows 10 PC and followed the instructions in this post for the NET MD driver and it worked first time! In fact, the whole transfer of my Sonicstage library to the new PC was painless since I used the Sony Conversion Tool to remove copy protection on my files. I'm using Sonicstage Ultimate SS43. I've also had no problems moving files between Sonicstage and my Sony NW-HD3 player either.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I will investigate further and see if my recorder will record through the line input or microphone. I only noticed this problem when altering disc titles etc. in Sonicstage and they failed to write back onto the disc in the MZ-RH1. Fortunately, I've uploaded all my important recordings to Sonicstage as a back-up.
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