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  1. Hi Stephen, With my las sentence I meant, hopefully there's someone here in the forum who has and wants to sell a R2. The seller wrote that it was too expensive to ship to the US and that he's afraid, that something can happen and damage the device .... I got a few things from the UK and everything was alright. Also the shipping did not cost too much. I'd rather say the seller wasn't really delighted by the thought to fill out custom forms and whatever . However, I can wait. May be there will be one on ebay US or may be Germany one day. Axel
  2. What a pity. The seller in England won't ship to the US. Hope there will be someone in the forum or may be you know a friend ....
  3. is sooo bad, not setting his status, isn't he?

  4. Hello to all, am looking for a MZ-R2. Do not need accessories, but if they are with the device .... fine. Please send offers. Am in IL, USA.
  5. Sounds good! Let me know about your conditions.
  6. I don't know if you got my PM here, but wanna let you know, the parcel is here. Thanks a lot! If you've anything else referring to MD .... let me know.
  7. Will have a look at it, thanks! Hope there is a chance to get it for a good price. I'm sorry but I can"t read that. How about your other thread referring to second hand devices from Japan? I posted something there. Would be nice to know if there's any possibility to make a deal?
  8. If you have this, let me know if you wanna sell it and let me know a price. What condition is it in. Would be nice if you could take a pic to show the optical condition, but also would like to know about the technical condition.
  9. How much do you wanna have for the TDK's and the Denon (40 MD's all together)??
  10. Am 48 now. Bought my first Deck MDS-JE700 in 1996 and the first portable device MZ-R35 in '97. I don't think it was '98 which is the release date on the eqiupment browser. That decice was realeased earlier. But I'm willing to learn .
  11. Thanks for your hint, but I found the mistake. I changed the board language to german and so I couldn't send PM's. Apparently it works only with board language set to english.
  12. I'd really like to PM, but it won't work. Is there anybody who can explain? I click the members name and a pop up opens, but no way to click anything there. The wiring issue, as I think it is, refers to the Writing Head of the unit. The writing unit is connected to the main board with one of these flat cables which sometimes break. The recorder will show you all regular things like Record, Saving, TOC Edit on the display that you think you successfully recorded, but due to the broken cable the disc will be empty. Somewhere in this Forum is an explanation how to fix that problem. So .... I'm interested in the R50. Have everything of the accessories and won't need the charger either. To much weight for the parcel and may be you can use it for other devices too. Will try my best to find out the miracle about PM.
  13. Hi Bob, thanks for the warning. That wiring problem is not only with the N707. I currently have a N10 and a R900 with the same problem. But may be you understand, why I'm going for this unit, if you'd know about my current collection (all units work and are technically okay). I only say a number. It's 54. Axel
  14. Hi there, it's me again, now looking for a BLACK N707 w/ charging stand and a BLUE R50 Both devices should be in a good to very good technical and optical condition. If you have Remote, Power Adapter and other accessories, that would be fine, but not necessary. Thanks in advance for all the offers.
  15. 73 people viewed, but no one had a nice offer .... am still hoping
  16. Am looking for B10 B3 or B100 Should be in a good to very good optical condition, in perfect working condition, if possible with power adapter. Offers can be posted here or PM me. Regards HT
  17. I sent a PM. Hope you received it. Will buy the 100 MD's. If the PM did not get through let me know.
  18. It's a pity that most of the time doesn't have the docking station with the units.
  19. Used (good shape required) I'm looking for SONY MZ-RH10 ORANGE ~$300 MZ-RH10 BLUE or SILVER ~$200 MZ-NH1 ~$150 SHARP IM-DR80 RED or BLACK ~$100 PANASONIC SJ-MJ50 ~$60 Would be nice if these prices would include shipping, but let's say a limit of +$20 could be given. My wish list ranking is like you can see above. Please gimme some further information, how you will manage your offer for all the people posting here? Regards A.
  20. Guck mal hier. Hat noch 3 Tage. Falls Du eBay net magst oder so, lass es mich wissen. Ich kann sie Dir gerne besorgen. Schick mir eine PN, ABER im deutschen Forum dann. Hier bin ich net so oft. Ich habe da den gleichen Namen, aber den wirst Du ja wohl dort schon gelesen haben. Gruß Axel
  21. HELP!!!! I'm looking for one in red. Who still owns his red R900 and would sell it. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=21387 This is the link to my topic. Would be nice if you have a look. THANKS
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