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  1. Well, I have always trust in admins in this fantastic forum, so I don'w see why I must to distrust now. If they think this is a good movement, I trust his decission. If anytime i find something wrong, then I'll complain. Meanwhile, I hope this makes minidiscforums better.
  2. One month ago my girlfriend buyed to me a PSP 2000... and what a fantastic machine it is!! Ironically, playing games is the less I made with it. Reading (books and comics), watching movies, surfing the internet...even teaching (adapting my scanned classbooks to the correct format "paper") is wonderful in it. Now it's my main on the go machine for almost everything (even has used it as gps for my holydays journey). A compact all in one that gives me the option not to carry my tablet pc with me in day to day teaching and in my frecuent weekend travels. But first I used a microsd to memory sick pro duo adapter, cheapier than the sony MSProDuo to carry a lot of things...but not magicgate compatible, what forced me to convert my sound files to mp3. Now I have buyed a 4gb sony MS in an offer, and can used my atrac3plus flies in this format...and what a change!!! The sound is a loooot better to my ears than with the mp3 files, even although I reconverted them from the cds or wav files. If the PSP just had a custom equalizer... My MD (Hi and non Hi) are still my main "weapons" to listen to music, but now, when I requiered to go light, I can take just one machine with videos, books and great music sound!! PD: of course, you have to had custom firmware to unvelied the true potencial of the PSP...another nail in Sony's account.
  3. Hey,it's seems fun. I'm game
  4. Well, I have buyed a travel blue digipod bag for my nh600 "combat unit". This is: http://www.cometform.com/acontent%20catalo...2802/138861.php (Sorry, I don't know how to insert an image not having a web album. I hope moderators don't take this as spam :S) Its main pocket is perfecto for my nh600, a remote, and a spare md, and the second pocket takes without problem the earphones and a second AA-battery. So in a small package I can take a complet travel system with two HI-MD (even three if you press it a little ). The bag feels very well made, it's made from neopren, and the zipped seems good to. I like it so much that I have buyed a second one for my girlfriend, but not the same, but another almos the twice in width, so she could take a second row of MD (well, she likes to travel well suited ). Edit for PD: wow, I liked a lot the cassettes walkman and hi-fi. Sadly, my greeeeeeeeeeat panasonic walkman dies some years ago, and here in Spain there wasn't another good one (everywhere were the damned mp3 grrrr) so I have to go full time to MD (well, not really, my Hi-Fi still have two cassette platines that return to life not few times ).
  5. Hi! Well, I know this is not a great help, but I would like to say that SonicStage 4.3 installed and worked perfectly for me under Windows 7 Beta and RC. I have no set any compatibility mode, neither W7 hass made for itself (I have taken a look just in case, but nothing is selected). And netmd were installed too without problem with sonicstage, not needed installed for me after. I remebered it well cause I have to format and reinstall from zero three days ago Maybe I have been touched by Lady Luck? Musicbringer, the only way I can recall now in order you could install SS in Windows 7 being in D: partition is download the XP mode for W7 and install under it. But then you'll have two XP installations: your main one and this virtual system. Too much space wasted, I think... The other thing I'm thinking about is... do you have SS installed in the Windows XP partition? Maybe a conflict there? You could try uninstalling it, then trying to install it in W7 and then reinstall in XP. What a job for just install the software for our minidisc... SONY, have you seen what you have messed not giving a good support to your MD customers? grrrrrrrrrr
  6. And there are my 10 €€ (at last). One question: will this software work in Windows 7?
  7. Hi cbmuser. I have click the link you posted to donate, but it takes me to an error page. Maybe something wrong in the link?
  8. Okey. Now, just one question? How can I donate my 10€????
  9. Uuuups! When I posted 10$ I meant 10€!!!! Luckly you have understood me :
  10. Hey! Count me too! I have 10$ with the name of this project!
  11. I'm not too much in converting formats, but... Since HI-md renderer failed to work in my Windows 7 beta (I have to try it in my new Windows 7 RC) I search for another program to convert atrac to mp3, aac and wma. I found switch sound file converter...and it works for me :S It converts my atrac files to all of these other codecs above. It's true that it says a "maybe not supported format" message, and also that the first version I tried only converts 1 minute of every song, but second version works perfectly for me. And it has batch conversion. And all of this with the free version, not the pro, so... I have lost something? :S PD: about versions I have mentioned, first was the actual one, and the working was an older version I have in a hard disc. Sorry, I don't have it now here, but if anybody is interested I'll search for him.
  12. Well, i was thinking the same about the new XP mode under W7, but if at last it doesn't have support to usb we still have other programs as VirtuaBox that works perfectly and have support to usb (I have tried SimpleBurner and SS and works perfectly). But, after all, SonicStage works perfectly under W7, so no problem (well, at least you use simpleburner )
  13. Uhmm, Siryus. When you say your nh600 doesn't have remote you mean it doesn't bring a remote or that it doesn't have a port for it? Also, as collector caprice I like EH70 a lot, but being practical I don't think I can justify buying it Do you think there is any posibility selling to me the nh600 and to sfpb the EH70?
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