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  1. Oh well, I am having even more problems now with simple burner telling my that I cannot copy a CD to a MD cause the MD is already being used but goodness knows where! Time to sell up me thinks!
  2. Well I downloaded the latest version of sonicstage but still I am not able to transfer more than one album onto a hi MD which is very is strange cause it didn't happen last week. I have no idea what could be wrong. Any more suggestions would be appreciated cheers. When I try to transfer all the tracks appear on the right hand side to begin with and then disappear one by one!
  3. Hi there and thanks for the welcome. First of all I am running XP. I am attempting to record onto a 1GB Hi-MD disc music in mp3 format from my hard drive but it is not having any of it!
  4. I am having problems putting more than two CDs onto my hi MD recorder (using a hi MD disc) via my PC. I keep getting this up on my screen : An error occured while transferring. It is very frustrating as I have only just got this problem. Any help / advice would be very welsome. THanks.
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