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  1. putting a harddisk in the freezer is a temporary trick to make the drive work long enough to get valuable data off it. people do it all the time to a dying computer drive with data they don't want to lose. a busted drive is a busted drive. no way around it. i've never heard of the battery in the freezer before. if anything, the cold will make it even worse as it increases the internal resistence of the lithium ion.
  2. nvm, whether it's suppose to be loose or not, it's going back. i don't understand why sony makes the earphones so short so that you need an extension. it's extra weight hanging down the earphones. stupid design if you ask me. i seriously regret purchasing this player. hope i won't get slammed with restocking fees.
  3. just bought one of these and first thing i noticed was that the earphone jack on the unit was rather loose. i plugged in the earphones and was able to jiggle it around. the jack is not loose on the earphone plug, but loose in the silver casing. is this a poorly made unit?
  4. hi all, i'm selling a black sony network walkman nw-hd5 which i received for a gift. it is BRAND NEW. i only took it out to see what the fuss was about. i believe this is the japanese version with firmware 1.2. the menu is in english though. i'm selling it for $190 shipped. i see ebay is selling refurbs for $199 so this is a good deal for a new hd5. if interested, let me know! i apologize for the cell phone camera pic. my digicam died. thanks for looking!
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