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  1. Thanks for asking that question tiggerlou. The ability to re-format standard MD discs with the Hi-MD was something I'd read about and then forgotten again until now. John
  2. I'm reasonably optimistic, and whilst the format is obviously in decline, I think that the discs etc will continue to be available from more specialist retailers. The bigger issue will be whether or not, several years from now it is possible to either buy new units or get the older ones repaired, but again I suspect that a few specialist firms will attempt to service that need. John
  3. I'm just registered and am a bit late on this thread, but I'd comment as follows. I've a couple of HiMD units, but because my main deck connect to the hi fi only takes the standard discs so I still tend use that format in the main, and mainly set to LP2 as I find the quality is good enough for most recordings. The HiMD has been useful for recording long (longer than 2hr 40min radio shows), and last time I found I could edit the content (via Sonic Stage) and then record the parts I did want keep, to fit a standard disc recording set at LP2. With two HiMD units I guess I could "anchor" one to the main hi fi set up, and make more use of that format. John
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