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  1. I use the transfofrmer from my old NW-A1000 with my NWZ-A816. It seems to work perfectly fine.
  2. I have had an NW-A1000 since Jan and I love it, it is certainly way better than Ipods. Anyway on Thursday it started playing up. For some reason there was no sound on the songs but the beep was working. I managed to fix this by upgrading to the new software (v3.0). All seemed well until I tried to use it tonight. When you pressed a button all the lights came on for a few seconds like they do when it is on hold. I plugged an old LCD remote from my HI-MD into it and managed to get it on and working. Unfortunately the screen still wasn't working. After some inspection I have found the screen is infact on, but it is very very dim, too dim to use properly. The screen isn't smashed as you can sortof make everything out. I have tried resetting it and checking the contrast in the menu, which wasn't easy, but to no avail. The problem is the LCD remote isn't fully compatable to it shows no song information, save time, and you cannot skip between albums, only one song at a time. As I have 977 songs on it, it is impossible to find a song by skipping through. This is really annoying and anyhelp would be much appreciated. It is still under its year guarantee but having dealt with Comet before I doubt they will be willing to help. Thanks in advance.
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