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  1. True audiophiles, i'm sure, will not put SlotMusic high on their list...if on the list at all.
  2. ok tell me what hi-fi you have with a "slot" in it? I appreciate hi-fi, but at some point i must just enjoy the music. That is the point.
  3. I must have been thinking faster than I could type. I was trying to say that we don't need another storage media for music. The player should do all the work...and for me, it does. MD is just a back-up. I don't need a computer to back up my music that needs to be backed up. We all know the TOC can be edited without a PC. The HDD is fine for storage, the CD is fine for storage, the MD (for myself) is perfect for storage. I use a Walkman digital player to get all my new music. Yes, I need to use a computer to get the music from Rhapsody. However, I have no need for storage. Rhapsody does all the storage for me. I think it's silly to sell something just to "hold" the music, when they sell millions of things that "play" the music. If you want to have some tangible product from the artist or if the music industry needs to sell something on the shelf, why does it need to be a memory stick/card? Especially if you consider the penitration of iPod and other digital devices(like my Sony Walkman) that don't have the "slot"? Is it for cell phones? If so, why? The biggest service provider in the US now has Rhapsody for instant downloads of your music. I just don't understand.
  4. This is the correct direction. Let everyone choose their media. I no longer want to buy something that holds music. Don't force me to buy "this media" or "that media". I don't even really want to buy music. I want to enjoy music. Let me choose my player. If they feel the need to fill the shelves with something. Let it be a book about the artist with photos and what-not. Let it be a trading card-style item that has the download code on it. Let it be a download station right inside the store. Plug in your player and pay for the song....anything but waste money on "storage". Why do we need it anyway?? For the people that don't have internet? I've been a member of Rhapsody for a year now. I haven't bought a CD. I won't buy anyother "carrier" of the music. I have my MD to store my recordings. That's all I need. I don't even need a computer to make it work for me. DUHHH!!! I've had memory cards fail - "unreadable"-. I've yet to have a MD fail.
  5. RUNIT


    Does anyone have one of these little players they would be willing to let go for a fair price? I found one on Amazon for 299. I feel that is too much for me to spend for a used player. Thanks!!
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