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  1. Hi all, Firstly, these are my components; Sony MZ-RH1 Hi-MD Microphone Madness -CBM-Mini Battery Box (a week old) And this microphone; http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ANGLED-PRO-MD-DAT-MI...%3A1|240%3A1318 (Can't copy and paste specs as they are imbedded in the page.) USAGE: I want use this set up for taping live performance (mainly musical theatre) - it is amateur and I do have permission, but of a professional standard using PA's etc. But due to discretion, I would not be in a position to manually adjust recording levels mid-performance. PROBLEM: I have recorded several shows using the mic plugged directly into the plug in power (red) port, which leaves nice enough audio in dialogue/soft music parts, but anything with bass or "belting" singing immediately overloads and sounds terrible. Having tried a few "tests" at home with the new battery box, plugged in via the line in (white) port, I am finding that talking in clear voice only a foot away from the microphone results in barely a whisper on the recording. However, playing loud music comes out in still relatively low, but at least audible levels. After reading advice on various pages, I tried using manual record levels on the RH1, but even then it was still very quiet even with the record level on 30 (the highest possible). SOLUTION: I need to find a way of using the battery box to record these performances, to avoid bass overload in the loud parts and also clearly pick up all dialogue without being too quiet. I would appreciate any feedback or advice. Should I stick with AGC, or, for my needs, what is the best manual record level? I also currently have the mic sensitivity option on the RH1 set to "high" - is this favourable? Any or all advice is welcome! Thank you for your time, I am in your capable hands! Kind regards JC
  2. Is the right answer - thank you VERY much for taking the time with this post
  3. Hi guys, I am getting a Sony MZ-RH1 hi-md recorder for Christmas, which I intend to use to discreetly record live rehearsals/performances. However, I will need a high quality/low visibility/cheap microphone to go with it, and most likely a battery box (but I do not know how much input the RH1 will be able to take until I've tested it). Can anybody suggest a suitable cheap microphone, or if possible a suitable microphone/battery box combo? I am based in the UK.. I would be grateful for any advice given, Thanks. JC.
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