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  1. Please ban Dair or whatever his name is. He's gonna ruin this forum!
  2. Yea, I'm on the fence right now... But getting 3 dh710s for about 279 total is looking more and more like the "final solution". I could use my existing 116 80 minute blanks, and save my n707 for strictly mic recording. It all depends on if I win a n505 for 40 bucks and 10 shipping, sealed in the box new. If that doesn't go, I'm pulling the trigger on the 3x dh710.
  3. When I record discs with Sonic Stage, they are never as loud as when I record with line out(optical). Is this just a limit of Sonic Stage, or can I do something about this?
  4. Been a little bit since I posted on this thread, but wanted to let y'all know how the recording is going. I'm using Itunes, turning the internal volume(in the itunes program) to 3/4 volume. The computer volume is on full. It does this immediately when I plug in my optical transfer cable. It isn't that accurate on trackmarks, but I'm not labeling the tracks or marking the songs in any way. I'm just treating it like a cassette recording. And it's going well.
  5. For those who care, I will be starting my rerecording run on Thursday night. Realtime, from the macbook optical out, straight from the CD. For what it's worth, I am enjoying my music now more than I have in a long time. Sure, I had millions of songs on my ipod since 2004, but I can actually hear things now. The cymbals, the high hat, little riffs on the guitar that I have missed all these years. The last time I heard all these details was when I had a nice sony cd player back in my first year in the army, and I'd just pop a disc in, and have a good listen. And I like the sound of the electronics. I know you can encode an mp3 in 320, but I just plain like SP at 292. I'm a bit worried that I'll wear out my recording unit(new mz-n707), so I'm trying to find new in the box units like it. My used mz-r70 will be my mic recording unit, and I'll stop recording lectures with the 707. IS there any difference using a mz-r70 to record sp vs a newer unit like the 707? Did the atrac hardware encoding stuff change? It's silly, but I'm doing the recording like I used to with a cassette. Just record the whole cd as 1 80 minute track. And fast forward to the next song. I'll eventually put track marks in and all. And I may try to scan the cd cover and photoshop it and make something I can print out and stick on the minidisc. So, I've gone from millions of songs(actually thousands), to 30-40 songs per minidisc, to about 12-15. I've made the decision to embrace quality and a physical medium over quantity and a flash drive or hard disk. And I've taken Sonic stage out of the equation entirely. Incidentally, SP stereo records my marketing lectures very nicely, and transferring it out via line in gives me top notch results. I may end up converting my professors to recording using minidisc simply because it's so easy for a "non techy" to get. Put the disc in, plug in the lapel mic, and slide the record button. Click the hold button, put it in your jacket pocket. It's that easy. Sounds almost like it could be an Apple product. Ok, mindless blathering over.
  6. However, I think they are a bit overpriced, being download only units . Thoughts?
  7. Hmmm. I can hear the high hat very clearly now. To be fair I could hear it also on the 707. It's nice. I'll manually rerecord my stuff, I think. It'll take a while, but I think it will be worth it.
  8. Well, logically, yes, I get that part. But I had felt pretty good about my lp2 stuff. I am actually reconsidering how I feel about it now in light of sp.
  9. Just for fun, I thought I'd do the optical out from my macbook to the mz-n707 and record 2 albums in SP. They were my fiance's, and we both like older music sometimes, so anyways... Heart's greatest Hits and Cher's Greatest Hits. I recorded both in SP. Aside from recording all as one track(which I am fixing currently as I listen by hitting track mark at the end of each song), the process was remarkably easy. I just set the volume at 1/2 on the recorder, and itunes had a maxxed out volume(although the optical out prevented any volume changes from using the controls). I slid the record switch, it waited for me to start the cd, and easy peasy. I had recorded all my cds using lp2. And I thought they sounded fine. But... Listening now to the recordings made in SP, it seems that the sound is "more alive and just a bit better" than what I'm used to from LP2. I thought there wasn't that big of a difference between how the 2 would sound. But I am afraid that I can hear a definite difference, and definitely in SP's favor. It's not distorted, and it's clear as a bell. Is this just a sound setting I've set by accident or something? I'm starting to reconsider rerecording all my stuff like this, because it sounds very good. The volume level is very different from what I recorded in sonic stage(louder, but in a good way). I monitored the original recordings, and the recordings sound identical to the cd. Is this what everyone's talking about when I read about the LP2 vs SP debate?
  10. Xeys_00


    Ok, thanks! I am enjoying my mz-n707 very much however.
  11. Xeys_00


    I am considering getting a mint condition(from original owner) MZ-2p. The reason is that it has an optical out, and would let me record on another unit in SP, and then use the 2p to run it in optically on my macbook pro. Any thoughts on this? It looks like a viable alternative to getting the RH-1.
  12. Can someone tell me of their experience was with this unit? Does it make a lot of noise recording? the idea is to start recording, put it in my pocket, and then record the class I am in. Would it be too noisy for that?
  13. Well, I am using netmd currently. But it seems I can take my 66 minidscs(mostly 80 minute type), and double how much lp2 music I can put on there. And that sounds kind of cool.
  14. Does anyone know if this model has a loudness problem? I'm thinking of getting one, maybe. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-SONY-MZ-DH710-HI-M...%3A1|240%3A1318
  15. By the way, it looks like Minidisc Canada has it for about 300 after tax, etc. Does anyone know if it will have problems at the border? Extra tax or anything?
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