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  1. I'd say that the NH1 is much better for a playback machine. The RH1 is definitely much better for recording, but I prefer the NH1 over it for playback. Both are EXCELLENT machines. I'm not a huge fan of the NH1's cradle, but this is a tiny tiny fault when the overall product is so great. fan of both!
  2. thanks so much! I wasn't aware that this was a common problem. -jason
  3. Hello all. I have been the proud owner of the rh1 for about 6 months now, and just recently have been uploading with it. I record mainly vinyl to my je480 deck in SP mode, and upload with the rh1 and it seems to take forever. What I usually do is select the 256kbps atrac setting, instead of the pcm import setting for what I hoped to be faster upload times. My problem is that it literally takes "real time" for the upload to complete. Ive been reading online that my pc should be doing the job at atleast 10X based on my specs. Any opinions on what is happening?
  4. just do it the old fashioned way... 1/8th inch male to male audio cord. plug one end to your md headphone jack and the other to your line in on your pc. I use audacity for recording through my line in on my pc.
  5. uhh no... I am simply asking for peoples opinions on the seller. Preferably people who have dealt with him. you didn't answer my question.
  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/SONY-Remote-control-wi...628144002r26685 I have seen this chuyanshan seller on Ebay alot, but have never done business with him. Has anybody here bought from this seller? His ebay feedback is decent, Im just wondering if he is a reputable seller or not, since this is an amazing deal.
  7. Sounds like your best bet is the r909. I have been meaning to get one myself for the longest time.
  8. 5 portables, and one deck for me. I have just recently obtained an extreme hate for Net MD aswell as Hi MD. I ALWAYS run into problems when transferring from PC to MD... Sonicstage is just way too crappy for me to go on with. I've even tried the hack version you can download from this forum. meaning: about to sell my RH1, and n600d... I absolutely CANNOT stand to use remotes with portables. I might keep my RH1 strictly for uploading of legacy discs, since all I use md for is recording vinyl. Computers ruined MD. However I am still completely obsessed with SP MD, and take pride in my big collection of PC-less discs. been using the format since 1998/have no plans on stopping. </complaining>
  9. I have that remote, it came with my nf610. By far the worst remote I've ever had. It's HUGE, and has really weak buttons. The weather radio channels are probably the only decent thing about it.
  10. I have 25 Sony MD's from 1995 that I re-record over almost everyday. They work flawlessly every time. I have never had a disc go bad on me.
  11. Ok, here's the deal... I use my RH1 exclusively for recording and uploading vinyl. I like to have the unit connected to my PC and my Stereo at all times for playback. I connect my PC AND the rh1's line OUT to my stereo receiver for playback. (for PC controlled legacy disc playback) Here's my question... Can I have the RH1 connected to my PC via usb while recording on it? It seems as if the unit is worthless while in usb mode. My dream would be to just record straight to the thing, then access it through my computer. I know I can just unplug the usb cable during recording, but that's a pain in the ass, since I have the unit perfectly mounted on my tower. Thanks for the help in advance. -jason
  12. Pestilence - consuming impulse Asphyx - the rack Thanatos - emerging from the netherworlds Hail Of Bullets - of frost and war misfits - boxset DRI - dirty rotten EP DRI - full speed ahead Exploited - beat the bastards Malevolent Creation - fine art of murder I usually format 80min discs in hi-md mode. I also always have each disc with a different band labeled on it and stuff the disc with as many albums by the band that I can.
  13. couldn't find this subject anywhere in the forum, so sorry if I'm being repetitious. I ordered an RH1 and realized I didn't think about this: "Can I record Linear PCM on legacy (non-himd) discs?" if so how many minutes? any help? thankssssssss -jason
  14. Ive never liked using remotes with these players. However, I just bought the RH1 and I'm forced to use the remote... Id just stick the remote in your pocket.... Duct tape?
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