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  1. I ship from Hong Kong. I'll work out the shipping costs but I usually charge a flat rate
  2. I have some MD blanks but I'll need to recheck what I have. Definitely not the most simple variety though... If interested send me a PM.
  3. BTTT Still available for those who need them... Um... no. MD is good, but it's also dying as the next best thing is flash media. Now I'm looking into the PCM-M10......
  4. Yes, both packs available, pls reply thread or PM to inquire
  5. @mdsince93' PM sent
  6. Assuming there're still DAT heads around and browsing in this forum, here's what I'll offer: 1. Sony DAT (standard grade) 120mins, 12 available (10-pack box plus 2 individual packs). $7.5 each; 2. Sony DAT (ES grade) 120mins, individual pack, 5 available, $9 each; 3. Sony DAT (standard grade) 60mins, 2 available. $5 each. All brand new factory sealed and have been subjected to semi-climate controlled (ie. cool, dark, dry) storage. Shipping charge depends on amount and destination. Paypal payment only. Interested parties please reply to thread or send PM. Thanks for reading.
  7. Got a limited number of factory-sealed MD blanks available for sale - Sony ES 74min. individual pack, earlier verion with white hard case; three available; - Sony ES 80min. 5-pack brick, later version with individual soft case (sort-of), one available; - Fuji Axia MD Pro 80min. 3-pack brick, one available; - TDK XA 80min, transparent/black hard case, one available. SOLD items: - Fuji Axia MD Pro 80min. 3-pack brick, one SOLD to zokuchou (6-5-2013). See attached pic for detail. Also available (not shown; pic to be added later): TDK 80min blanks, series unknown, transparent casing, outer wrapping removed but individually sealed. 5-6 available. Pricing, shipping TBA. Shipped from Asia. I also have other legacy media available, such as blank DATs (Sony standard and ES grades), as well as analog VHS/SVHS tapes and audio tapes (Type 2 and 4). All factory-sealed and sold as-is. Interested parties pleae reply to thread or send PM for detail. Thanks for reading.
  8. Very disappointing to hear. Have been living my youth along with the MD/DAT age during those years but didn't get much chance to use it. Had occasional access to MD equipment and only made a few recordings, mainly CD dubs. Now the format is dying and I'm left with lots of blank MDs, many of which are still factory-sealed... Same thing with blank DATs too Sad news, but it's inevitable, with all that new technology and better file formats available......
  9. Due to decreasing support of MD esp. in equipment maintenance and repair, I have to slowly withdraw from this medium and unload unnecessary hardware and accessories from time to time. Bought these two 3-packs of this pro grade minidisc some 10+ years ago but did not get a chance to use them (and probably won't be). Now discontinued, this was Fuji's top grade MD back in 2000. They are still factory sealed so I have no idea how the actual disc looks and what type of hard case is bundled. If you are a supporter of Fuji Axia legacy media then check out this one. Asking $20 for each 3-pack, plus $6 registered international shipping. Combined shipping may be available. Accepting Paypal only. Buyer assumes responsibility for all surcharges. Interested parties please answer thread, or drop me a PM. I also have these lecacy media available: a. One box of ten, 74-minute Axia Pro CD-Rs for audio mastering. Also discontinued long ago and won't be utilizing them myself. Pricing TBA; b. Sony DATs, box of 10 standard grade 120-minute tapes, plus five ES 120 minute tapes. Pricing TBA. Again, feel free to inquire if interested. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hi, new in this forum buit have been to this community portal for 10+ years. I understand there's still a huge fanbase on this excellent format, so... Is there anyone here who still needs good quality MD blanks? I know one store in my vicinity that still sells lots of brand-new, factory-sealed, JDM-spec MDs from various name brands. Last time I went there, much of the stock is gone, but there's still a good inventory of Hi-MD 3-pack bricks, and limited quantity of ES 80-minute 5-pack bricks. Have been told these stock won't last very long, since they sell quite well. Especially the ES white ones. There were 40+ bricks months ago, then down to 20+, and recently only 13. Anyone interested in getting these? If so, I can help. Prices will be $15 for the ES 5-pack and $20 for the Hi-MD 3-pack. (Shipping fees vary depending on quantity) Other styles may be available (eg. Sony Prism Gold, Neige), if interested please PM me for pricing. Latest inventory information as of 2-7-09: HiMD (3-pk): 35 bricks ES (5-pk): 9 Gold Prism (5-pk): 3 Neige (10-pk): none (may be available at other stores) BTW I also personally have these factory-sealed legacy media available for sale: a. Sony DAT blanks, 120min length, ten available; b. Fuji and TDK audio CD-R in both 74- and 80-min lengths, also Fuji 80-minute audio CD-RW, limited quantities; c. Analog VHS/SVHS blanks from various brands, JDM-spec, in various lengths (mostly T-180 though), limited quantities. Interested in any of the above, please send me a PM. Thanks for reading.
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