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  1. I just purchased one of these units (MZ-E10) off of ebay, always wanted one... I got it for about $70.00 a little more than I wanted to pay considering it has no remote or charger etc. but, I know they don't come on ebay too often so I went ahead. If any one knows where I can find a compatible remote/power supply or what the model numbers for the accessories are this would be helpful.
  2. I have recently just gotten back into minidisc, Hi-MD , to be specific and I want to get some hi-end earbud type headphones. What would be some good choices and what makes these "Hi-End" as opposed to run of the mill Chinese made crap.
  3. yes thats the ebayer i got it from, I wont praise him too much until my other unit arrives, although I'm satisfied with this purchase. P.S my unit came with the docking station as well as batteries,headphones,controller + batteries/pouch. check out my page www.youtube.com/neimismarket P.2 of the minidisc special shows all that came with the unit.
  4. Yes, It (Eh50)arrived in only 6 days, I also bought a silver one a couple days later for $50 still waiting for it to arrive.
  5. I just wanted to say hello, i'm new to the forum and share pics of my two HI-MD units I bought off ebay. one being the mz-eh50 and the other the mz-rh1.Higher quality pics on the way.
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