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    Panasonic SJ-MR200 white, Sony MZ-R70 blue, Aiwa AM-HX55, Panasonic SJ-MR220 white, Sony MZ-E501, Panasonic SJ-MJ88, Sony MZ-R900 white, Sony MZ-S1, Sony MZ-E10
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    Sony ECM-DS70P

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  1. Have got this units for sale: - Panasonic sj-mr220. SOLD The unit is like new, practically unused. In grey color. Comes the unit, remote control, charger(uk plug), AA battery adapter and instruction book. - Sony mz-n710 SOLD This unit is used but in good condition, with some wear marks. Comes the unit, remote control, charger, charger station and AA battery adapter. In grey. - Sony mz-s1 SOLD Very good condition. Only the md unit. - Pop & rock the minidisc special collection SOLD Pre-recorded md without case. Is like this: 50€ each md unit and 10€ for the pre-recorded md.
  2. A long time ago I do a business with this user, and all was ok. A perfect person to do deal with. Thanks!
  3. The adapters comes with european plug. The shipping costs must be around 30
  4. For sale 2 units of this fantastic minidisc. Each unit contains: player, remote, headphones, digital cable, charger, instructions and box. One is used and other is brand new. The used minidisc has got the battery cover a little broken, but works perfectly and you can put the batteries without problems. Im asking for the 2 units 120
  5. For sale this 4 untis: - Sony Mz-r55. SOLD - Sony mz-r55. Player and battery. Good condition. - Panasonic sj-mr220. Player and battery. Good condition. - Sony Mz-nf610. Player only. Good condition. For offers, pics, etc, please take free in send me a private. Thanks
  6. Edited with new price in the Sony! I have other two units for sale in other posts but I put it here: Panasonic SJ-MJ88: SOLD Sony MZ-E501: SOLD
  7. Hi, I put here the last units that will sell. This: - Sony MZ-R900. In white colour. Very hard to find. Like new. With sony leather case and sony battery. Battery will be not complete charge, I not try it. SOLD. - Sharp MD-ST880. Player only. Very good condition. MDLP. Comes with charger, charger stand and battery. Works perfectly. SOLD.
  8. Hi, I have got some minidisc that I would sell at 5
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