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  1. When the 4.0 update came out, I downloaded a version that said it was good for North American players. But 4.2 says only U.S. players. Anyone know if it's the right version to use for Canadian machines? Also, I posted elsewhere about a problem with the top 100 list on my A3000. When I switched from ConnectPlayer, my top100 list went totally out of whack and bears no relation to my listening patterns. Anybody else experience the same thing? I wondered if it's just a Canadian problem.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, aznbro85. I didn't have to initialize my player when I switched to SonicStage. I did the firmware upgrade, but my library remained -- as well as my play history dating all the way back to February. And yes, you're right, the top 100 is supposed to rank the most played songs -- with a "play" counted each time you listen to at least 15 seconds of a song.
  3. I switched from ConnectPlayer to SonicStage 4.0 a couple weeks ago. In general, it's a better piece of software, but I've noticed one big problem. My entire music history still shows up in my A3000, but the top 100 list does not appear to reflect that history. In any case, the list is far different from what it was under ConnectPlayer, and the new list includes songs I've barely listened to. I really enjoyed building up my top 100 list so I'm a bit bummed about this. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does SonicStage use a different method to compile top 100 list? Does anybody know how to fix?
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